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By: krisha franz
4 Gal Dewalt Air Compressor Electric Wheeled Dolly Style Review You probably a professional workman (or woman) who likes doing heavy-duty work or your own repair around the house, and you are in need of a powerful and reliable device. Why not turning to 4 Gal Dewalt Air Compressor Electric Wheeled Dolly Style to help you out? You probably think that this compressor is just the same as others, but you will be surprised to find out the truth. To learn more about the device, feel free to visit the link: Promising Performance and Power This compressor comes with promising features such as fast recovery because of 4.0 CFM with 90 PSI pump. The pump is oil lubricated, so you can be sure that it will improve durability and usage. The pump life is also enhanced with cast iron cylinder that ensures sturdiness and strength. There is high flow regulator that can be used to increase performance. Nice Design Aside from the handy features and usages, this device also has very nice design. it comes equipped with handle kit and also pneumatic wheel for easiness in transportation and mobility. The overall case is solid, sturdy, and tough, so you can be sure about longevity. Features and Specs There are some things you will like from having this compressor around: • It comes with sturdy design and construction, made of cast iron. Not to mention that it has a roll cage frame to protect the motor and pump - this is especially handy when you work on rough setting • The gauges and couplers will be protected from tear and wear, thanks to the tank assemble • It has nice design with telescoping handle, pneumatic tires, and top load panel Pros and Cons Users are impressed by the feature lists available for this device, especially with the nice design with the upright handle and the wheels for easy mobility. The air pressure is fine and very helpful, and most of the operational implementation is very accommodating and nice. However, it would be nice if the manufacturer can do something about the manual, because it is pretty useless (although it is provided for users). I have problems with the pressure in and out cut, and yet I can’t find the solutions from the manual. Some users claim that the compressor starts slowly in cold area, making their work progress slow and obstructed. It is quite disappointing for them, considering that this device is quite pricey. Yes, there are flaws you need to consider when using this device. But once it is running, it is pretty well and responsive. You can learn more about it from other reviews.

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