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By: Venus Parker
Wine is a biodegradable product. Everything about wine is an art, right from the making of it to the collection of it. While collecting wine bottles over time, have you ever thought of what to do next with your growing collection. Before you start storing bottles in the wine cabinet, learn more about the several methods of storing, racking and exhibiting your wine. Be it big or small, many wine cellars having at least two or three different styles of racking are available in the market. It does not matter how big your collection or storage space is. What matters is the design of your wine cellar as it plays a key role in the overall appeal of your wine cellar. Even if you do not have much knowledge about wine storage, you should know the 3 most significant factors needed for proper way of storing wine and they are:

• Humidity- 55% to 75 %.

• Cool and relatively dark conditions- exposed to direct sunlight or Ultra-Violet (UV) rays can spoil the wine.

• Proper temperature- 55 to 58 degree Fahrenheit.

Adding to it, you should also remember to group your wines by size for convenience.

6 Benefits of having custom wine cellar design at home

Today, residential wine cellars with custom wine cellar design are very common, especially for those who love partying with friends. Why? The reasons are given below:

1. Enhances the aesthetic value of your home- Your home will be a nice place to invite over friends and family for wine tasting sessions, only if you can create a custom wine cellar design for your home starting from the first steps till finishing your project-

• Planning and designing your wine cellar.

• Choosing the right equipments, i.e., room insulation, wine cellar door, flooring, cellar cooling system and wine cellar racks.

2. Long-lasting - As it is meticulously designed with good quality materials, they are going to last for a longer period of time.

3. A successful investment - Having a top quality and bespoke wine cellar design is a plus point since it will help an ardent wine lover to buy vintage wines that will improve its value with age.

4. Very easy to use - A wine cellar that is designed according to the client’s taste will always be very easy to use as well as will ensure that their wine storage conditions are always the most favourable.

5. Easy for maintainace - Customized wine cellars are always easy to maintain. Every conditioner will be fixed with an interchangeable dust filter.

6. Anti-vibration system -For wine bottles vibration is definitely not good as this can deteriorate it. With a customized cellar every moving part will be fixed on a rubber shock absorber that will absorb the vibration.

Therefore, building a wine cellar should not be a do-it-yourself project. If you want your wine cellar to be a perfect abode for your precious collection, then you should be hiring a professional in wine cellar designs as well as installation to help you build a perfect room for storage of wines. Having a custom wine cellar design will enable you in offering solutions which will enhance the space and settings for perfect wine storage.

Author’s Bio- Through his article, Venus Parker mainly focused on the benefits of using custom wine cellar design at home. He has also thrown light on the reason of hiring a professional in wine cellar designs to help you build a perfect room for storing wines.

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