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By: Ryon Watson
What is it about the well prepared cup of coffee that gets us to our chosen café coffee shop? Is it the traditional, hand-roasted beans? Perfectly balanced crème caramel latte made via skilled baristas? Perhaps it’s just the comfortable ambience of a great coffee bar that keeps us coming back for more.

Cafe History

Cafes have a rich history as community meeting places. They initially popped up in Europe in the seventeenth century, open to all social classes. 18th century London saw the rise of the Penny University, in which people paid a penny to drink coffee as well as discuss on the hottest news in local cafes. Italian immigrant people introduced the experience to major cities in the USA. For instance, In San Francisco's North Beach district, coffeehouses turned out to be the literary home away from home.

A few coffee shops have retained their charm as hangouts to share news as well as chat with friends over a cup of coffee or a meal. A lot of coffee shops embrace this amalgamation of coffee as well as business.

Internet offers you a business opportunity. Wi-Fi in cafes helps people make friends in the larger world. Café consumers might not become acquainted with somebody sitting at the next table, however they check in with friends all over through e-mail or on popular social networking sites, for example, Facebook.

A really great coffee restaurant has to feel exceptional: a few are like a comfy home away from home, others preferably sparse, like a clean blank slate in which you are able to refresh, a place to refresh yourself with a good book as well as a hot drink or to chat with a friend over that perfect pastry or muffins. These places have a bit of charm to them: atmosphere with no pretense, welcoming baristas, and of course, delightful coffee brews. Selecting your perfect café takes time as well as patience, however once you’ve found it, you’re set for life.

What’s the point of going out for coffee if the space is awful? Various cafes in India have created great coffee cultures, where everyone feels like an out of the ordinary, tight-knit community space. One should moreover take the baristas into consideration, too. Preparing as well as serving complicated coffee brews is an art form, and the various café chains running in India consist of few of the best trained, most experienced baristas around. Even though weight to food is not given as heavily as the coffee, people unquestionably think about it, too. You’ll come across cafes serving up High-quality snacks with a few of the nice-looking pastries around. A great café leaves its consumers keen for a return visit, always.

So, now when you want to enjoy some memorable moments in the company of your friends in a relaxed atmosphere or even if you want to have some quality time with yourself in the company of your laptop, pay a visit to your nearest café, today.

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