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By: Amanda Tom
Caviar is eaten around the world as a very special delicacy that is prepared from fish eggs treated with salt. Also referring to as roe from fish occurring specially in Black and Caspian Sea, the eggs chosen to prepare the dish are preferably of trout, salmon, lumpish, steelhead and whitefish. Around the world, the delicacy is prepared from eggs of sturgeon family. People acheter caviar to use as spread, or dressing for dishes.
Restaurants that serve caviar are very particular of the variety and grade. The UNFAO (United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organisation) does not consider caviars made from anything but eggs of the Acipenseriformes species to be real. Instead, they class it to be substitutes of the same.
The item is found in four known varieties. They are named Sterlet, Beluga, Sevruga and Ossetra. Of them all, the rarest is the beluga variety that is made from beluga sturgeons found in the Caspian Sea. Thus, they are mostly sourced from Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
Interestingly, production of wild caviar was banned in Russia from 2008 through to 2011. This was a governmental endeavour to replenish the natural stock of wild caviar. The other source countries still allow fishing but specifically in the areas off the cost.
The reason why beluga is particularly pricey is because of the quality of eggs they produce. The beluga eggs are as large as peas each and they are very supple. The caviar it makes is silvery gray and sometimes black in color.
Next in the line is starlet caviar that has its origin in Austrian, Iran and Russia, where the royalties invented the dish. The eggs in this case are fairly sized with colours brown and gray.
Not So Pricey Alternative
In order to make this dish available to all, cheaper alternative are being produced in different places. They are developed from the same roe, but of whitefish only and sometimes salmon living in the North Atlantic Ocean. As for the substitutes for the expensive variety, we have Paddlefish caviar which is the inexpensive and closest version of Sevruga.
The Paddlefish is imported from the Mississippi River and is a very popular option for eaters across the planet. It bears the same salty and smooth flavour of its original version, with the real difference conceivable only in the price. There are multiple American caviars that are a good way to start up at this wonderful delicacy without having to fork up an unnatural price for a dish.
There is more than one way of preparing caviar dishes. They make great fillers for breads, and toppings for desserts. Because of its high nutritional value, the item makes an easy addition to dishes in star rated restaurants around the world. With its very unique taste and rich texture, the chefs are still finding new and great ways to use caviar in dishes.
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