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By: Amanda Tom
In London, if there is one place which you must not miss out on visiting, whether with friends or family, it is the Covent Garden. It is simply a haven for shoppers and a complete entertainment district with street fun as well as theatres and museums. Not just the tourists, this is a great spot for the locals to come and enjoy the weekend as well. If you want to experience the best in entertainment and shopping that London has to offer then this is surely the right destination for you. Keep a day or two aside, if you really want to enjoy all that this place has in store. There is a lot to see, understand and explore here, if you are ready for it.

How to reach Covent Garden
Take a Piccadilly line tube to the Covent Garden tube station. If you have a thing against too much crowd then you can avoid this tube station and get off at Leicester Square station and then walk to the destination. It’s a short distance to cover. You also have the choice to get down at Charing Cross, Holborn and Temple stations and then walk. It’s not more than ten to twelve minutes of walking distance from any of these tube stations. And, if you are visiting with your family then it’s best that you avoid the crowded stations for a comfortable journey.

Entertainment at its best
Nightlife, street musicians and entertainers, pubs and bars, restaurants, high end designer wear shops, street fashion stores – you ask for it and you’ll get it here. Covent Garden is a complete treasure house for those who love to experience such a historical district in its entirety. It is a perfect destination to spend a day with family or friends. Live entertainment is not seen in too many places and this is one of those rare spots where you can be thrilled by the amazing street entertainers. There are singers, acrobats and different kinds of performers vying for your attention.

Don’t miss out on….
Royal Opera House for one – which was formerly called the Theater Royal. There is also a separate Theater Royal on Drury Lane located in the Garden. This is what everybody recognizes as the Theater Royal. So, don’t get confused. When you are in Covent Garden, apart from food, entertainment and shopping, there are a lot of historical places to visit, two of which we have already mentioned. The Garden square and market are also worth a tour. You can spend some time wandering in the St. Paul’s Church and the London Transport Museum. These are the usual tours that you would like to add to itinerary when you are visiting the Garden with your family.

Wondering what’s missing in the Covent Garden? Well, not much, in fact nothing that you would like to experience as a tourist or a local visitor, out to spend a fun filled day with your friends or family. There is historical feel, a taste of local cuisine, lively entertainment, a chance to shop your heart out and a glimpse at London nightlife – did we miss anything?
Spend a day at the Covent Garden ( ) with your family ( ) and experience the best that London has to offer.

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