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By: Odpedia
When you are trying to develop institutional development then that is called organization development. It is an evolutionary subject which can be studied from the works of evolution catalysts who have contributed to this field. It is a method to strengthen an organization’s problem solving capabilities wherein the humanistic values are linked.
When an organization systematically and scientifically follows the Organizational Developmental Network, it definitely enjoys certain advantages:
There is a positive change throughout the organization, as development activities are undertaken all over.
There is a general level of motivation when the employees complete this programme. Productivity is thus automatically increased as new machines and methodologies are employed.
With the application of a successful OD programme, superior quality services are ensured and employees are satisfied with better facilities.
Team spirit is fostered as the employees are satisfied with the senior management. They are now mentally well-equipped to solve conflicts easily as they develop and broaden their rational mind.
The employees of the organization, post this programme work towards a common goal without any sign of negligence. They no longer resist changes in the system as they are aware of their long-term goals.
Absenteeism gets reduced phenomenally and therefore increases productivity and the turnover rate also reduces.
On the whole, there is a feel of learning and development across departments and individual and groups learn many things to impart these programmes in future.
But OD has got some limitations too, though they vary across organizations:
OD is generally a long-term programme so a lot of time is required to carry out any action plan. The cost is also high and hence many a times it becomes difficult for organizations to carry out such programmes due to fund problems.
Some organizations are reluctant to carry out such development programmes due to the delayed payoff period. They are also afraid of the failure of such programmes, which could either be human or machine related.
Many a times due to the involvement of irresponsible people, private policies of the organization get leaked. It also creates psychological harm to weaker employees and there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion due to potential conformity.
OD emphasises group processes, but if a certain group fails then the entire programme becomes unsuccessful. Some less smarter people might not be able to grasp the nuances of the concept.
The diagnosis of organizational development is not full proof, so there is a scope of discontent in some corners and cultural disproportions are also a major reason for the failure.

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