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By: Amanda Tom
Demand for space in London is increasing, whilst availability is rapidly decreasing. This has led to a growth in the popularity of home extensions; homeowners are opting to make the most of the space they have available by extending their homes to make use of unused areas on their property.

Side return extensions in particular are becoming a favourite with homeowners as they can transform the home; increasing the space whilst also giving it a new and fresh feel.

With house prices in London increasing, several homeowners are choosing to invest in extending their current home, rather than moving. A side return extension will make use of the unused space running along the side of your home. Extending into this area, no matter how small the space may seem, can really impact the overall look and feel of the finished room.

A typical side return extension will increase the size of your current kitchen, helping to creating a bright, open plan kitchen and living space, which is perfect for entertaining and socialising with family and friends.

When considering a side return extension, it is a good idea to choose a company specialised in designing such extensions, as they will have experience in the area and will be best placed to advise you. Your designers and architects will consider what you want out of the space and your requirements in order to design an extension which is best suited to you and your home. They will make the most out of the space available, whilst also taking your budget into consideration when drawing up the plans.

In order to get an idea of the costs of a side return extension, you can you can use the online price calculator to generate a quote. This quote will help you when considering the project as it will give you an idea about the costs of work.

With space in London becoming more limited, now is a great time to consider a side return extension to take advantage of any unused space and maximise the size of your home.

A side return extension ( ) can make your home look more spacious and so you can get an estimate of the extension costs ( ) and get started right away.

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