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Author: John Dugan
For many men, a typical pre-date check list includes: shower, shave, pick out a cool outfit, apply just the right amount of cologne and engage in a spot of masturbation. Yes, a popular sex tip for guys, especially on a first date, is to rub one off before calling on that hot lady they will be taking out. While masturbating regularly certainly can be a boon to penis health (, are there any good reasons to actually indulge in a pre-date 'bate?

There are indeed reasons why a quick (or lengthy) self-gratification scenario before a date is a popular and established sex tip. Some of the benefits that are associated with this practice include:

It calms the jitters. It's no secret that masturbating makes a person feel more calm and relaxed. Sexual activity of any kind, especially if it results in an orgasm, releases chemicals that help to soothe tension and anxiety and make a person feel more open. There's science to back this up. One study looked at whether people who had an orgasm shortly before making a speech in public felt better and performed more easily; to no one's surprise, they were much better speakers after releasing. Since dates, especially first dates, can sometimes cause a man to feel tense – and therefore more likely to make a blunder – masturbation before a date can help a man to be more at ease while out with a lovely lady.

It may help with sex. Many men find that they ejaculate in a manner that they consider premature. In fact, men are built to find sexual release more quickly than women (which is why for most men learning how to properly engage in foreplay can be so important). If a man finds that he is bothered by not lasting as long as he would like once he has achieved penetration, pre-date masturbation may help. For many men, having already ejaculated a couple of hours before can add a little to their "staying power."

It may help with control. Of course, some men know that they are not going to be hopping into bed with the woman they are taking out, especially if this is a first or early date. Nonetheless, many men get so aroused when on a date that the situation becomes uncomfortable. Their erection is pleading for release. In some cases, the erection can be extremely obvious, which some men take pride in but which others find embarrassing. Masturbating before a date can help a guy's penis to stay a bit calmer and make it less likely to be popping up for the entire evening.

There can, of course, also be a downside to pre-date self-pleasuring.

Erectile issue. For some men, masturbating in advance may make achieving a strong erection later in the evening more difficult.

Self-consciousness. Some men also find themselves feeling self-conscious if they pull one off before meeting their date. They may feel embarrassed at their lack of control or may irrationally worry that somehow the woman will know what they have been up to. This can affect how they behave on the date.

As with any sex tip, choosing or not choosing masturbation before a date is a personal decision. Whatever the decision, a man needs to make sure that his penis is in excellent health for when it does make its appearance with a lady friend. Regular use of a first-class penis health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps to ensure peak condition. Look for a crème that include L-arginine, an enzyme that helps produce nitric oxide, which in turn keeps penile blood vessels open for ample blood flow. Also, make sure the crème includes vitamin A, which has strong antibacterial properties. This can help eliminate unwanted penis odor, a major turn-off that can ruin an otherwise good first impression.

Visit for additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy penis. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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