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By: Lia Wright
People who are conscious regarding their health are constantly trying to find new ways to hike their overall health. Due to the side effects that are commonly associated with the prescription medicines, people tend to find other ways to deal with the health problems.

One sure way of increasing your stamina and also the overall health is by adding more portions of fruits and vegetables to the regular diet. One of those fruits happens to be Mangosteen which is amazingly nutritious and so is used by many to help in the cure of several diseases.

Mangosteen is a pear shaped purple fruit with a juicy, sweet as well as tangy taste. The natives have referred to this fruit as a “queen of fruits” or also as the “fruit of the gods” due to its incredible healing properties. It has been a major part of several traditional medicines in these cultures. The rind has also been used for its medicinal value.

The mangosteen tree grows naturally in regions with tropical climate. It can be exposed to a little cold but prolonged exposure may damage or even kill the plant.
Constituents Of The Mangosteen Juice
The pericarp or the exocarp contains several types of vitamins polyphenols, like xanthones and tannins. These protect the tree against all sorts of damage caused by fungus, virus and even insects. Sometimes they protect the tree even from animal predation.

Xanthones are phytonutrients which occur naturally and can be derived from plants such as the mangosteen tree which happen to grow in certain regions.

Xanthones are also known to support several important functions of the body, including the health of the immune system.
Mangosteen sometimes even contains the rind as part of the juice largely due to the very high percentage of the xanthones present in them. In fact the natives of the region where these trees grow used the rind to prepare a very unique tea which is believed to cure bladder infections, diarrhoea and also gonorrhoea.

An ointment prepared using the rind of the Mangosteen fruit is known to help in the cure of various kinds of skin rashes and also acnes. It was used extensively by the natives as an aid to cure several kinds of skin problems.

Most Notable Properties Of Mangosteen
1. Antioxidant properties
Xanthones are mainly responsible for the how effective the Mangosteen is. There are about 200 naturally occurring xanthones in nature and Mangosteen contains 20 of them which is very rare. Most of these are largely found in the rind of the fruit.

2. Regulates heart rate and blood pressure
Mangosteen contains magnesium in surprisingly high levels. This may control the function of the heart and helps to keep the heart rate in control by promoting a regular heart beat. It also controls the blood pressure.

3. Prevents inflammation
Inflammation in the lungs restricts breathing. The mangosteen has the ability to reduce the inflammation in the airways and hence helping you to breathe normally again. Also it may reduce inflammation in the joints which reduces the mobility in people.

The Mangosteen has a wide array of benefits for the body and anybody who worries about their health should definitely start drinking the Mangosteen juice.

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