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By: Emily blunt
Breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for a newborn. It is nature’s customized way to ensure the physical, mental and immunological development of every newborn. Here a few breastfeeding tips to ensure that your baby remains happy, healthy and well-fed.

Before breastfeeding, make the baby comfortable. Support the head and body and keep the baby’s nose near your nipple. Squeeze a drop of milk and let it near the baby; it will help in awakening the baby’s smell and taste senses. Support your baby’s head to keep the nose near your nipple. After taking the smell, the baby will naturally open the mouth and reach out to the nipple. Also, hold your nipple in such way the nipple protrudes out for the baby to find it and suck easily.

Positions for breastfeeding:


Cradle your baby’s head within your bent elbow and your chest, while simultaneously supporting the rest of the body with your other arm. The baby’s face remains facing your breast in this position.

Lateral position

In this position, you are required to lie on a bed with your baby lying alongside you. Turn over till you are on your shoulder, with your head supported by a pillow, and your legs are parallel to the bed. Keep your baby’s mouth near your breast. This position is very comfortable for the baby as well as the mother.

Tips for Breastfeeding:

Every mother goes through a lot of stress during pregnancy and childbirth, and the stress continues to exist during the crucial breastfeeding phase also, thus leading to less than efficient lactation. Therefore, the most important thing for you is to relax and let the body do what is designed to do with regard to lactation.

Cuddle your baby and make them comfortable with your body. The closeness and comfort experienced by the baby makes them naturally look for your nipples. The snug body contact also sets into motion the process lactation.

Do not delay the first breastfeeding session; target the first hour after birth for the first breastfeeding. This helps in making the process smooth during the later stages. The first milk is essential for a baby as it contains proteins, vitamins, and important nutrients for immunity.

Putting the hand in the mouth, licking lips or making hand movements are signs that the baby wants to be breastfeed. This is the right time to feed the baby. As you start feeding, the baby will settle into a rhythm after some time. When the sucking stops, use the other breast to feed the baby.

Even if you are not producing enough milk for the baby, continue to feed her. Your ability to produce milk to the satisfaction of your baby will increase with every new breastfeeding session.

While breastfeeding it is important to wait till your baby stops sucking; therefore, do not have any plans lined up. Allow ample time to the baby to get filled.

Breastfeeding creates a special bond between a mother and her child, apart from creating a healthy base for the child. Hope these simple tips will be help mothers to provide great love and health to their newborns.

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