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By: Pankaj Singhal
Breast Reduction Surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty. The objective of breast reduction surgery is to diminish the extent of your boobs and reshape them with the goal that they are proportionate to your remaining body and do not cause any sort of physical distress.

Breast reduction surgery Mumbai offers double advantages of enhancing your appearance while soothing the emotional and physical burden of excessively large boobs.

Why Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

If your boobs are quite large for your body size & shape, and cause pain in neck, back, or shoulder.

If you have large sized and heavy boobs with areolas that are pointing downwards.

If your one boob is bigger than the other.

If you aren’t happy with large size of your boobs which cause physical trouble and make you self-conscious.

Things to consider about Breast reduction surgery Mumbai


Your boobs will feel firmer and will be in better extent with your body.

Breast reduction surgery Mumbai will ease neck, back, and shoulder pain. Exercising and breathing will become easier.

Your garments will fit better and you will feel more confident about your body look & appearance.


There might be a deduction in sensation in a few areas, including the areolas.

In some cases, women complain that their boobs and areolas look marginally uneven, but this happen in rare cases.

There might be some issue related to breast-feeding, but also in rare cases.

These are the main three advantages and disadvantages to measure when considering breast surgery. Please consult with cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai as every case is different from other and your boobs might require different approach or attention.

Here are some reasons why women consider breast reduction surgery:

You have neck and back pain, or suffer from skin irritation under your boobs.

You face a problem in breathing and have developed grooves in the shoulders due to bra straps.

Due to excessive breast weight you have numbness in your boobs and have developed a poor posture.

You find it difficult to purchase dresses and even hard to find tops that fit.

You’re unhappy and lack in confidence due to the excessive size of your boobs.

You don’t suffer from any active diseases or medical conditions.

Your skin is flexible, so it can resume its previous snugness after surgery.

You are mature enough so that your breast development has ceased.

To know more about Breast Reduction Surgery, you can read our blog post: “How to Reduce Breast Size" .

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