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By: Devanshu Saraf
Singapore: a place for foodies. Restaurants in Singapore are categories in different tradition and culture like Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, American restaurants etc. Korean restaurants are also belongs to this category. Korean cuisine is very much based on rice, vegetables and meats. Singaporean’s loves to eat Korean food on weekend or on holidays. This List helps you to find the best Korean restaurants in Singapore.
Top 10 Korean restaurants in Singapore:
1. 2D 1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant
2D 1N Soji Bang is a Korean restaurants which become a brand in Singapore which offer the top quality Asian food and Korean food. Their wide array of unique and delicious Korean food attracts more customers towards them. Korean buffet of these restaurants will give you the natural taste which is so delicious.

2. Togi Korean restaurant
Togi is a Korean restaurant which serves best in class Korean food Singapore. They serve verity of authentic Korean dishes to the customer at affordable price. Their service is fast and responsive and their food is very nice in quality and taste.

3. Manna Korean Restaurant
Manna Korean restaurant is best known as the mini Korean in Singapore. Their chief and service staff all belongs to South Korea. Their large verity of Korean cuisine which contain meat and fish dishes with green vegetables and side dishes.

4. I'm Kim Korean Bbq restaurant
I’m Kim Korean Bbq restaurants Singapore is a very nice restaurant. It is a family restaurant which offer really nice meat barbecue and verity of vegetables barbecue and drinks which complement the food. I’m Kim Korean Bbq restaurants is affordable restaurant with good and fast service.

5. Nolboo Hangari Galbi restaurant
Nolboo Hangari galbi is the popular restaurant in Singapore which having many Korean customers. Restaurant is located in Orchard road which belonging to the most crowded places in Singapore. Their juicy barbecue is famous in all over Singapore.

6. Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet restaurant
Ssikkek Korean grill BBQ Buffet restaurant is known as the best Korean bbq restaurant Singapore. Their barbecues are just yummy they marinate their meat with Korean ingredients which increase the taste of meat.

7. Ju Shin Jung restaurant
Ju Shin jung is an another barbecue restaurant in Singapore but the menu offer a wide verity of the Asian food and Korean food. Their Samgetang: ginseng chicken soup is very good. They have a very big and beautiful dining which gives you a romantic feel.

8. Bon Chon Chicken restaurant
Bon Chon Chicken serves the amazing crispy, juicy and flavored chicken. Their buffet menu offer Chicken soups, Chicken dishes and Meat dishes. It is a popular restaurant so I suggest you to give a try.

9. Korean Ufo Roaster & Steamboat Buffet restaurant
Korean Ufo roaster and steamboat buffet restaurant is known for its UFO style dines. It is having a huge dining area. Their especially is barbecue, but can find other dishes which too which are also delicious.

10. Kimchi Xpress restaurant
Kimchi Korean restaurant has introduced Kimchi Xpress restaurant which is a food court with affordable price and offering a very fast service. Their food is delicious. Simple Kimchi belong to this list because of their fast delivery and for serving delicious Korean food in Singapore.
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