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By: Devanshu Saraf
Singapore cuisine is highly influenced by Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine because of that you can find these tastes in every restaurant in Singapore. But if you want a pure taste then you have to go to those restaurants which serve cultural dishes.
Top 10 Japanese restaurants in Singapore:
1. Irodori Japanese restaurant
Irodori is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore which offering a wide range of cuisine in buffet menu. Their experience chiefs cook delicious meal and their ingredients come all the way from India, Europe and Australia.

2. Senki Japanese restaurant
Senki restaurant is the popular restaurant in Singapore. Its more than 100 dish menu makes it hot favorite among Japanese food lovers in Singapore. Senki is always crowded with Japanese customers because they offer really good Japanese food. They also offer a large verity of Japanese beverages to the customers.

3. Himawari Japanese restaurant
Himawari restaurant is located in Alexandra road Singapore and it is hot favorite of young Japanese foodies. They serve around 70 different Japanese dishes in Singapore. They offer Japanese wine also, which makes your Japanese food experience better. There sushi, sashimis, makis are serve fresh every day. It comes in the list of most crowded restaurant in Singapore. Himawari restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

4. Ichiban Boshi restaurant
An Ichiban Boshi restaurant branch is located in all over the Singapore. It has contemporary Japanese dining. There sashimis is delicious and popular in Singapore. They offer a fresh seafood dishes which cooked in Japanese traditional way.

5. Sakae Sushi restaurant
Sakae Sushi restaurant is the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore. There famous verity of sushi differentiate them from others restaurants. They use fresh seafood to make different verity of sushis in Singapore. Their chiefs are experienced to make sushi, and sushi is the only dish which tastes more delicious if it will make by experience chief.

6. Ikoi Japanese restaurant
Ikoi restaurant is a very small restaurant, but don’t go on its size. Like someone say-“Great thing’s comes in small size”. Ikoi is the Japanese restaurant which delever a fresh and very delicious food in Singapore. They are not serving you the Japanese food; they serve you the Japanese culture to you.

7. Ooki Taiyaki restaurant
Ooki Taiyaki serves Japanese food in Singapore. Their fish-shaped pancakes are popular. They put different types of fillings which you can enjoy at any time.

8. Rakuichi Japanese restaurant
Rakuichi Restaurant is one of the premium restaurants in Singapore. Their Japanese food in not cheap, but if you want a royal Japanese treatment with Japanese food than Rakuichi restaurant is for you. They serve delicious cuisine and Japanese wine in their restaurant. Lots of tourist attracts by their cuisines.

9. Chikuyotei restaurant
Chikuyotei restaurant is a good Japanese restaurant in Singapore. It is an authentic kaiseki-ryori restaurant. Kaiseki-ryori is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal.

10. Ajisen Ramen restaurant
Ajisen Ramen Japanese buffet restaurant in Singapore. It is a Japan based fast food chain which offer Japanese ramen noodle soup dishes.
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