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By: shopnsavemart
Among the many things that have come up to make workplaces as well as homes beautiful, the granite, marble and concrete tiles are also there, quite notably. These are used extensively to cover the floors as well as sinks and wall cupboards in kitchens and office places. They not only add to the flavour of the place but also help in achieving a cleaner environment.

In order to make these accessories do their jobs well, it is essential to know how to maintain them. There are many easy and handy tools that are inexpensive, effective as well as easy to use for polishing and cleaning the designer tiles. One can learn about using these tools online using the how to use diamond hand polishing pads videos. But yet, it is better to equip oneself with the basic technical details that should be known while buying these tools over the internet. A few easy questions can enhance the awareness:-

• Are the pads different for different surfaces?
• Do they have any harmful side effect?
• On what parameters should one judge diamond hand polishing pads as good or bad before buying?

The diamond hand pads for stone are variedly different from those used for glass surfaces. The stones like marble and granite are far harder and so, a tougher pad is needed for cleaning them up properly. The same when used for a glass top can result in breakage and damage. An easy way to select the pads is to check their hardness before buying. They are manufactured with miniscule diamond particles spread over a resin matrix that is later hardened and fixed in frames of various sizes. These frames are them fitted to handles for easy use. Different such pads have different extent of hardness dependant on the coarseness of the diamond particles. Thus, while buying these, one must check the right hardness or coarseness recommended for stone, glass and other separate surfaces. For more Details Visit us @

While learning about how to use diamond hand polishing pads, one often wonders about the harmful effects they can leave for the surface or the user. To save the surface, one must be choosy about the nature of pads bought that is defined by its coarseness or hardness. For the user, there are two possible ways in which there can be any harm. One may be of a chemical nature, but as the pads act purely mechanically, there is no chance of any harmful chemicals coming out of it. There can be another possibility of a harm that is mechanical. Fortunately, the handles fitted to the pad frames are user friendly and movable such that the pressure applied for cleaning does not transpire to the user’s hands.

For buying the diamond hand pads for glass, one only has to ensure that the pads are of less coarseness so that the glass surfaces are not damaged, being more brittle than concrete or marble surfaces. For more Details Visit us @

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