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By: Devanshu Saraf
Humans are adopting the eating habit of natural foods which enhances the ability and make body fit in day to day life. Quality food consumption becomes important in this high stress and polluted world. Healthy diet makes an essential aspect of personal health care.
I found these top healthy food restaurants which offer you a nice and tasty meal in Singapore.
Top 10 healthy food restaurants in Singapore:
1. A Rashid Khan restaurants
“A Rashid Khan Restaurant” is popular for its Mee Siam and mutton soups stall which offering Asian, Indian, Indonesian, and Malay cuisine in Singapore. It is affordable and offers you a healthy food.

2. Soup Restaurant
Soup restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Singapore. They operate many food chain restaurants outlet in Singapore by “soup restaurant”. It is a Chinese restaurant and their dishes originate from the old Chinese recipes and tradition. Soup restaurant deliver a home-cooked style food in their all restaurants.

3. Subway
“Subway - Eat fresh” always healthy and reasonable price. Subway serves the verity of healthy and tasty food. You can find lots of subway restaurants in all over Singapore. Fresh meat with fresh vegetables makes you fit and healthy.

4. QQ Rice
“QQ rice” is a Taiwan based company which is developing rice food and products. They establish their restaurants in all over the world. Rice rolls are the specialty of QQ Rice restaurant. QQ restaurant offer the best healthy food because they develop their rice using biotechnology.

5. Master Mi
“Master Mi” restaurant is located in Jurong Point in Singapore. They offer the decent healthy food with good service. They have a very beautiful interior and exterior design. Moreover, they have a very nice bar too. It is an Asian restaurant, so you can get a healthy meal in this restaurant.
6. Nature Vegetarian Delights
“Nature vegetarian delights” restaurant is one of the best healthy restaurants in Singapore. They provide a wide range of vegetarian cuisine in Singapore. They use fresh vegetables and natural food items which make their food so much healthy.

7. Char Grill Bar
“Char grill bar” restaurant serves a very distinct Western cuisine in Singapore. It is popular restaurant amongst the locals. There offer a large verity of delicious food in Singapore.

8. Quiznos Sub
“Quiznos sub” is a restaurant which famous for its sandwich. It is located in Orchard Central. They use all-natural ingredients to make a wonderful and healthy meal.

9. Oscar's Cafe & Terrace
Oscar’s café & Terrace is classic restaurant in Conrad centennial Singapore. They serve local as well as international dishes and a good buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

10. Pizzahut
“Pizzahut” is one of the most popular pizza restaurant food chain in the world. Pizzahut is the best known for their large verity of pizzas and pastas. Their food is healthy and tasty. You can find one of the Pizzahut nearby to you. You can enjoy you dinner in Pizzahut with your love ones. And if you are tourist and searching some familiar taste they Pizzahut are the best option for you.
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