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By: Burt Waikiki
When it comes to vacations, all the rules and norms about food, diet, health are usually ignored. But with the changing times, people are becoming more aware of their eating habits and are cautious while on vacations too. Bit it becomes too tedious to stay health conscious while on trips and it tends to spoil all the fun. But if you are holidaying in Dubai, you might as well add to the fun with lip smacking yet healthy and nutritional food that Dubai has to offer.

Dubai has a rich variety of restaurants and hotels, eateries and mini stalls. There are thousands of venues serving food that is famous all around the world. Cuisines from around the globe can be easily found in some of the best restaurants in JBR and the best restaurants in Dubai Marina. Dubai is home to a number of restaurants, food shops, eateries, stalls and food joints. Dubai serves some of the best local as well as world cuisine.

If you are looking for the Best Restaurants in Dubai for food that is simply delicious, you need not worry anymore. Dubai is the home for numerous big and small restaurants and eateries that cater to your needs of tasty delicacies. From healthy foods to lip smacking foods, Dubai will take care of your favorites.

Dubai healthy restaurants offer a variety of delicacies when it comes to choosing one. Delicacies are prepared with keeping in mind the goodness of vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that constitute a healthy meal. Lemon grass poached salmon with marinated fennel makes for an awesome treat to your taste buds.
Many restaurants in Dubai have taken up the initiative of displaying the total calorie intake on their menu cards itself. This helps people while ordering and also keeps them aware of the amount of calories they are going to enjoy! Eating out is a major event in Dubai’s lifestyle. Hence, the restaurants in Dubai are continuously working to satisfy their customers’ nutritional hunger pangs.

Most of the local recipes are made with fish, meat (lamb, camel) and rice. Traditional recipes of Dubai have been served across the city in dining outlets like food courts, hotels, restaurants and road side dining shops and eateries. However, Kauai leads the pack with its scintillating line up of healthy foods. Going healthy and organic is the new trend as far as Dubai’s restaurants and residents are concerned and it is sparking radical change in the hospitality sector on a whole.

Burt Waikiki is a hospitality and food expert. He advises Dubai residents and restaurants on, nutritional food, organic food, healthy meals and delivery services.

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