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By: amanda tom
It’s hard to overestimate the impact and importance that aesthetic beauty has in the world we live in nowadays. Many people turn themselves over to medical procedures and treatments in order to improve their appearance and we all have that choice open to us. However, we should know that there are some procedures that do not involve surgery and which can actually have better results, procedures like the insertion of dermal fillers in areas like our buttocks.

Plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery is no longer something that’s frowned upon, especially when it comes to correcting a fault that Mother Nature was not at all kind in leaving us with. Of course, many of us strive to reach that perfect shape, whether it’s our breasts, face or butt, and even though the best way to achieve this is by keeping in shape and working out those areas that we want to improve, the fact is that even with all the physical exercise we still won’t be able to get what we want. In fact, many skinny women still have difficulty with working their posteriors into a shape that’s a bit more noticeable, in a good way. Exercising works wonders if we want to lose weight and increase our muscle size. However, it won’t do us much good if we want a bigger derriere. The only option in such a case is undergoing a medical procedure, either an implant with dermal fillers like silicone or a transplant of fat cells from one part of the body to another. PMMA injections are actually the best alternative in such cases.

Why would we want to consider PMMA injections when it comes to increasing the size of our buttocks? First of all, the alternatives might sound good and they might be more popular, but they don’t really bring the results we expect. Silicone implants can cause side effects like infections, since our bodies can reject them. However, what’s more important is that after a while silicone implants will be clearly visible as lumps underneath the skin due to the fact that these chunks of silicone don’t adapt to the way our body transforms. What is certain is that we will want to avoid silicone implants in this day and age. The more modern approach of taking fat from one part of the body and putting it on our buttocks is less likely to cause side effects. However, it’s still not as effective as using PMMA dermal fillers.

What are PMMA dermal fillers? They are simply substances that contain a PMMA microspheres, a polymer that’s highly compatible with human tissue, which are suspended in a biological fluid. They are a better alternative to using fat due to the fact that they allow and actually encourage tissue growth as well as the release of collagen and elastin but unlike fat, they have a higher longevity. While transplanted fat disappears completely in about a year, PMMA injections are likely to only be required once every seven years. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about unwanted and indeed unnecessary surgery which would be required if we chose to go for a fat transplant.
Find out more about PMMA injections ( ) and how you can benefit from minimally invasive extreme makeovers. With the PMMA dermal fillers ( ) your butt will get the shape you want with less hassle and worries.

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