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By: kanebroen
No party or a corporate meeting is done without serving the refreshments and to get the best corporate catering services you can lookout for the best bakery in bedrock that promises an amazing range of cakes, biscuits, muffins and other bakery items prepared by the qualified chefs setting their standards in the bakery industry. So along with all the fun and enjoyment of your event you can further add some best bakery items to satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests. The best cakes catering Singapore take care of preparing a menu that includes some amazing items like gourmet sandwiches, rolls and also mouth-watering pastries that cannot be resisted by the guests with just one piece. Whether you organize corporate functions or special events including the catering services of café in Bedok you can surely design a budget friendly menu whether for ten or hundred guests with the same quality being maintained down the line.

You can check out the fabulous range of the best dessert catering Singapore services that include a list of desserts for your selection. You can choose different flavors in the desserts like fancy strawberry desserts, rich white chocolate desserts, classic cheese cakes and many more that are not only yummy but also very eye catching that you would just instantly fall in love to relish some immediately. The presentation is classic and the taste is fabulous when you go for the services of the best bakery in Bedok Singapore. The Mud cake from best cakes catering Singapore has to be savored, which is a unique recipe that can be soothed with grated chocolate and freshly prepared cream for that ultimate taste. You can order these cakes in different sizes and shapes depending on the number of servings for your guests.

The best bakery in Bedok also offers a range of freshly baked breads in different flavors and seasoning that would be a wonderful thing to have with your cup of coffee or tea. The breads are so fluffy that are specially baked with fruits which are just a real treat to the food lovers. You can also find some delicious and distinctive new range of pastries from the café in Bedok like muffins and cookies that are not only luscious but also a pleasure to view and would surely stir your appetite. By availing the services of best corporate catering Singapore no doubt that you can just spell bound your guests with a treat that they would never forget in their life.

Find the best cakes catering singapor at geniuscafebakery. We offer a full cakes and dessert catering service to business and corporate functions. You can be assured that you are getting the best value. Our menu includes gourmet sandwiches, rolls and individual savory pastries. For more details about best bakery in bedok, do visit us at

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