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By: Daniel Waugh
Asthma is a lung disease which is painful. It causes difficulty in breathing. It can be of two types. Asthma can be either acute or chronic depending on the condition. Asthma attacks occur due to the obstruction in the flow of air in the lungs. It should be given attention and given importance to maintain the difficulty of asthma. There are many causes of asthma. This includes problems like allergies, air pollution, respiratory infections, sulfites in food and certain medications. There are common symptoms that include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. There are medical treatments for asthma. However there are simple remedies that can help to control the problem of asthma.

The use of coffee is ideal to control asthma. It helps to clear the respiratory system as natural remedies for asthma. The detoxification of lungs and clarity to breathe well is useful for the body. No wonder it has already been popular as magical potion in Egyptian culture. It is ideal for everyday use and the best when used regularly without fail. It is important to keep the coffee strong for ideal results.

The use of eucalyptus oil is ideal for the problem of asthma. It should be used regularly as an ideal therapy and effective for asthma problem. It has decongestant properties. It is useful to free mucus congestion as simple remedies for asthma. It helps to clear the lungs to let them breathe.

The use of honey is ideal for asthma. The alcohol and ethereal oil in honey helps to reduce asthma symptoms. The use of honey is perfect for the problem of asthma. One tablespoon of honey should be added in glass of hot water. It should be consumed two to three times a day before going to bed as natural remedies for asthma to detoxify the lungs and clear them.

The use of onion is ideal for the problem of asthma. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to reduce constriction of the airways. It helps to decrease the inflammation in the lungs. The natural remedies for asthma are useful for the lungs as they are effective and work positively in every way.

The use of lemon juice is ideal for the body. It should be used as it has low level of vitamin C. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which help to reduce asthma symptoms. It helps to improve overall health too and keeps the body fit.

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