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By: William Grove
Every person has their own likings and when we talk on fashion it feels more obvious. The fashion sense of a person signifies their own personality. The custom printed T-Shirts became so popular in last few years. Modern age printing technologies, online shopping, and affordable price of black or plain white Tshirts really made it possible.

The craze for personalised tees is spread worldwide. Right from school going kids to corporate members likes to wear it. All of them have their own choice in terms of design to be imprinted on the tees.

10 Popular Themes for Printing on White or Plain Black Tshirts:

Art Different types of paintings or abstract drawings on the T-shirt have various means. People who like these designs are mostly associated with creative industries like photography, writing, etc. Orders in a bulk manner for this design are placed by the event organisers of art galleries, painting competition and carnivals.

Books, Magazines and Comics These are quite similar to the promotional tees. The events like book launch, campaigning for a magazine or comics are great openings. Simply, the persons who are great fan of certain books, comic characters like to make it public by printing it on their tees.

Children The pictures of children on black or plain white Tshirts are mainly used in the social or crowd funding events. The social issues relating to kids are discussed in these events and these printed tees makes people more associated.

Fashion It is the broad category and has lots of design options to select for printing on white or plain black Tshirts. Most of the readymade tees available in the market are having the designs of fashion and style on it. Selecting this theme for printing on tee shirts denotes you as a stylish personality.

Gaming In the sports events, the demand for these tees is obvious. The real fans want a very special look to support their team at the event. Bike racing, scorer matches, school annual functions, etc are the events where we can see these tees widely.

Hobbies, People and Culture The styled people be fond of engraving their persona on their tees. Different signs or symbols denoting their ethnicity featured on it.

Music, Movies and Television It could be personal or promotional choice. The fans of different TV channels, shows, celebrity likes to imprint the sketches on the tees. The music symbolized tees are really popular these days.

Promotional The new age marketing strategies smartly uses the reach of custom printed black or plain white Tshirts. Right company logo to tag line of the newly launched products can be imprinted on it. Product launch and casual business meets are the best place to distribute these tees.

Quotes Different motivational or philosophical quotations on the white or plain black Tshirts are the most popular in this list. People are using these tees to draw attention to the ideas they like.

Religion, Spirituality and Inspirational The yoga and meditation like things became so popular with this idea.

The printed tees could give a more stylish look than the designer clothing too. The craze for these items is continuously growing worldwide.

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