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By: amanda tom
An innocent or inquisitive puff of cocaine or marijuana can soon lead a person into a deep abyss from where a return is difficult. This is the tale of most victims of drug addiction and yet the story never seems to end. Drug abuse has become pervasive across every social strata and every geographical limit. It is known that drugs significantly influence the behavior of an individual and can prevent him or her from conducting duties properly. This becomes a critical issue when such people are engaged in professions where safety is of prime consideration. Concern about the perils of this vice has thus prompted the enforcement of drug testing program for DOT. This drug testing program is aimed at restraining and reducing drug abuse.

A positive effort by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the drug testing program for DOT is a mandatory practice to be followed by all business units who are a part of the country’s aviation and road transportation system. There have been numerous debates and discussions on ways to eradicate drug-related problems and now the federal laws have prohibited use of drugs at workplace. To ensure that the regulations are enforced, business houses have been encouraged to follow drug testing policies in an attempt to safeguard the interest of innocent employees and prevent any untoward incident.

To test new recruits for assessing their fitness level is not a new concept. The drug testing procedures are a step ahead. Employees and new entrants are tested for certain medical procedures that are aimed to detect drug abusers. The drug testing program for DOT serves dual purpose. First, it deters seasoned addicts from pursuing the job and secondly, the tests detect the abusers and send them for treatment. The management thus can gradually reduce drug abuse from the workplace. Regular counseling and rehabilitation ensures that the cured ones do not tread the same path again.

A well-defined drug testing policy ensures a secured and productive workplace as well as the dignity and privacy of the employees. The frequency of testing or the consequences of positive testing will depend on the risk factor associated with the job. A low-risk work procedure may require a post-accident testing while a high-risk working condition where public safety is involved would demand more frequent and detailed testing. The drug testing program for DOT has detailed out the tests to be carried out and how the reports are to be analyzed and handled. The program is in compliance with the requirements of FAA and FMCSA regulations.

It is indeed stressful to know that a few of your employees might be offenders and safe operations might be at stake. In such case it is convenient to engage a professional drug testing agency to take it over. There are many credible ones whose details are available on the internet. They are well conversant with the requirements of drug testing program for DOT. They can organize the testing program, get the samples evaluated and may even assist you in subsequent decision making. All records are kept discreet and you are thus prepared for the statutory government audit as well. Contact them today to make sure your workplace remains a drug-free place.
A drug testing program for DOT ( ) can help in detecting drug abusers in the workplace. Avail the service of an expert drug testing ( ) agency to help you conduct the entire program effectively.

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