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By: salfordparker
If you are finding it difficult to shop for the electrical and electronic products suitable to your industrial requirements, just checked with the one stop online store which is a wholesale supplier of different brands to meet your needs. By browsing the online stores you can find products like connectors, circuit protectors, LED lighting, semiconductors, sensors, thermal management equipment and many more from different brands all on the same platform. You can find the card edge connectors online from the stores which stock the products from different manufacturers for you to compare the products and place an order online. You can find the images of these connectors, the stock code, description about the product, manufacturer, available quantity and pricing based on the quantity for you to place an order online.

It is not just card edge connectors online that you can check out, but also the through hole resistors from the online stores being offered by different manufacturers for your choice. You can find metal film resistors through hole, metal foil resistors through hole, thick film resistors through hole, carbon film resistors through hole and many more that you can find from the online wholesale stores. You can also buy led lighting optics online with lighting lenses single lens 26.7x13.60 degrees and also Led lighting lenses 6in 1 lens with 73.2x13.525 degrees, which are readily available in stock from LedLink manufacturers that can be delivered within 3 to 5 business days to your place. A detailed description of both the available models can be viewed on the online stores for you to check out the RoHS-XON, Type, diameter, view angle, packaging, color, height, length, style and many more for you to take a decision to purchase the led lighting optics online.

There are also led lighting lens being offered by a couple of manufacturers in 20 mm suitable to use with Cree, Nichia, Seoul, Luminus, Avago, Oslon etc coming in tray packing and available in bulk packing ready for dispatch. However, though this online stores is not a retail seller still individuals can buy by placing an order online and those companies who would like to source the products can visit the warehouse to check the goods and place the order online. Payment can be done through credit cards or paypal and goods shall be delivered within 2 or 3 business days.

So instead of sourcing the electrical products from different stores you can actually find the online stores more comfortable to browse across the available products from different manufacturers on the same platform to compare and place the order online for a home delivery.

If you are looking for card edge connectors online, then look no further. X-On Electronics is a leading Australian company for all types of electronics components. For more details about led lighting optics online, please visit us at

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