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By: Ryon Watson
Ever since the arrival of huge coffee chains in India over a decade ago, the fame of coffee has gone up and all the malls and markets are lined with cafes. Even though its popularity is indisputable, there are still a massive number of people who remain unsure when it comes to ordering a coffee. It's clear to see why misunderstanding creeps in with the amount of espresso-based drinks now available in the cafes. Hopefully, this article will help the café regular customer who serially selects a latte, for no other reason than it's the name they are most aware of.


It is the base of all specialty coffee drinks. It is prepared by forcing very hot water through freshly crushed coffee beans; a process well-known as extraction. It is a small; however strong shot of coffee, bursting with strong flavor and aroma, the perfect shot of espresso is topped with a rich caramel colored layer of cream.


Espresso infused with hot water to make a long black coffee. In layman's terms, it is just a black coffee.

Caffe Latte

A long milky beverage with a bit of espresso, a caffe latte consists of 1/3 espresso to 2/3 steamed milk and is generally crowned with a thin coating of milk foam. It is the best way to experience the world of espresso for a new coffee drinker. There are variations in it like Creme Caramel Latte.


The real classic of the espresso world, the pure cappuccino ought to be 1/3 espresso 1/3 of steamed milk as well as 1/3 of milk froth. Perfectly balanced as well as well rounded, it is moderated using the hot steamed milk plus soft smooth and sweet milk froth.

Cafe Mocha

This beverage is perfect for a sweet-toothed non-coffee drinker developing a taste for espresso. The beverage usually comprises a small amount of espresso with chocolate syrup, hot boiled milk and milk foam to make a long sweet drink; a perfect entry into the espresso world. There are variations in it too, like Hazelnut Mocha.


It is an iced coffee, normally flavored as well as usually served crowned with whipped cream. The drink is a favorite of people throughout summers.

Coffee Flavorings

There are several diverse coffee syrups available; these literally add one more flavor dimension to your everyday cappuccino or latte. Common flavors consist of hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla, and more. A lot of places offer seasonal flavored coffee drinks, as well.

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