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By: newsgiraffe
So those of you who’re thinking of Miley Cyrus can get their brains washed. The star kid that we’re talking about is the lead actress of the recent Valentine’s Day release “50 Shades of Grey”. Despite the negative reviews, the movie has done incredibly well at the box office and is expected to collect more than $100million in the weekend run. That’s a great start and a huge share of credit for those magic numbers goes to Dakota Johnson!

Dakota has been praised highly by the critics for her amazing portrayal of the Virginal student Anastasia Steele. A character that was mellow, bold and mysterious at times was obviously one of the toughest challenges in her career and she doesn’t deny it. She was full of doubts when she signed up for the movie, especially because of so many explicit nude scenes the script demanded. The whole plot revolved around the lead pair’s sexual relationship and it becomes even more difficult to shed your clothes when your family is in show business as well. That’s why she consulted her mother and grandmother (after signing up for the movie). Thankfully, they understood and supported her; even her father. However, it’s understandable as well that none of them is going to watch the movie!

In a career spanning near over 15 years, she has done some remarkable roles. Dakota debuted in 1999 in Antonio Banderas’ Crazy in Alabama and then went on to win the Miss Golden Globe 2006. She then came back to the silver screen in the critically and commercially acclaimed The Social Network. She has till appeared in a number of films with her last appearance in 21 Jump Street. So this isn’t the first time she’s managed to catch so much attention. But when you’re working in a movie which is an adaptation of a best-seller novel which has sold over 100million copies worldwide, it’s a role you’ll be remembered for your life or you’d die forgetting! And after watching the movie, one can say that Dakota has just added a trophy to her basket.

So if you’re wondering when next you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of your favourite actress, then she’ll be seen in the action-crime-drama Black Mass, opposite Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch. Against such an amazing cast, it’d really be interesting to see how she keeps her composure and deliver her optimum. Apart from that, she has another film lined up to be released this year called Anarchy, based on the play Cymbeline by Shakespeare, opposite Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris and Milla Jovovich.

So at the moment, it seems like both her hands are full and let’s hope she manages to hold that in the long run!

Dakota Johnson, 25-year-old Hollywood actress for the film Fifty Shades of Grey 2015. Find more about Latest UK News here!

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