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By: amanda tom
The phrase weblog was first termed by Jorn Barger, the blogger from USA who claimed to fame for being the editor of ‘Robot Wisdom.’ The reason to coin the term was to refer to the procedure of logging into websites. The shorter and more famous form called blog was coined by Peter Merholz of the Peterme fame. He broke the word weblog into ‘we’ and ‘blog’ to refer to the increasing number of bloggers. Since 1999 when blogs started getting popular to 2015, blogs have been a popular medium to articulate and correspond. You can simply create a blog free to share your thoughts, opinions and statements with the whole world. To let you create a blog for free there are many options in the net.

It was Evan Williams who used the word to mean posting or editing a weblog, and coined the term blogger in reference to his product Blogger of the Pyra Lab. When you create a blog free you get a step ahead in communication. Earlier, communication was more of a one-to-one kind or unidirectional with limited interaction within a group. However, ever since the possibility to create a blog for free has become feasible, innumerable people have been able to share their views on blogs and interact.

Today, be it journals, diaries, travelogues, political or apolitical discussion and debates, showcasing your thoughts and ideology is best done through blogs. You can create a blog free and eventually start making money out of it too, if you want to earn a few easy mullahs while spending your time online. You only need to sign up on a website that teaches you the basics to create a blog for free. After the sign up, you are free to register the website at your suitable time and learn the steps to be a perfect blogger.

The most important thing you must note when you create a blog for free is to write a perfect blog and maintain and enhance the quality. For a brief note to understand the process, the first step is you have to select such a topic that you are comfortable with and have enough material to write about. Always remember, if you create a blog free, writing blogs require a basic level of passion and your blogs should be full of genuine and relevant information put in an interesting way to keep your readers engaged.

Next is the look of the blog and your profile. Put up a decent display picture and write the basic information about you a little interestingly. The blog too should be in a catchy format and include graphics. Thirdly, the topic should earn you profit. The blog content should be such that it can be monetized. Invite ads from agencies that are in business which is pertinent to the content. Fourthly, learn the methods to promote and garner reviews on your blog to earn more money. Fifthly, if you opt to create a blog free, fix a budget that covers the cost of hosting, editing, formatting and designing if you want to take up blogging professionally later on. So, create a blog for free and have fun writing and earn money too, if you wish to.
To share what is on your mind and earn money too you can create a blog for free . Research a bit on how to create a blog free and get going.

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