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By: Sowmya K
A lot of type 2 diabetes patients have a simple goal. They want to enjoy their meals, their life and have diabetes under control. Most diabetes specialists will tell you that it is possible. But, it does involve making certain changes. You need to change your meals to a suggested diabetes diet plan. In addition, you will need to make few but important changes in your lifestyle, you can then, enjoy your meals as well as your life. All you need to do is make these three changes in your life.

Join a military.

It sounds crude. But, military is known for their punctuality and strict adherence to orders. Here are few details you need to follow just as religiously as they follow orders in military.

• A big part of diabetic diet is timing. You need to eat smaller than usual meals on fixed timings. You cannot deviate from these specific timings. So, you can neither skip a meal and medication nor overeat at any point of time.

• Be it fish, egg or fruit, a diabetes patient must chew well. It is crucial to eat slowly and digest it well.

• You need to adhere to your exercise routine. You cannot enjoy your life again without starting some form of physical activity. Since most patients happen to lead a sedentary lifestyle previously, most diabetes consultants recommend a brisk walk.

Know a diet for diabetics.

When a dietician suggests a diet for diabetes patient, focus is on restricting daily calorie intake. It is typically supposed to be 1500 to 1800 calories. But, it may vary as per age, gender, and health conditions. So, you must understand few facts clearly.

• What meats, vegetables and fruits are allowed for diabetes?

• How much amount of these food items can you include in your meal?

• What can you do if you get sugar cravings? (Most patients are known to experience it.)

• What food items cannot be included in a diabetic diet?

A dietician or diabetes specialist will recommend a select few low GI carbohydrates for daily intake. You must include them in a diabetes diet plan. It is an ideal way to control rise and fall in blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight too. You will also need to familiarise yourself with the amount of calories in common food items. Then you can choose to include or exclude these food items from your diabetic diet.

Live a happy life.

Along with diet, a diabetes patient must also control the mood swings and stress levels. So, to lead a happy and balanced life, you must:

• Lower the stress levels.
• Add some recreational activities.
• Get sufficient sleep every day.
• Hydrate.
• Take additional care of your body to heal any wound quickly.

These three ways will help you gain back control of your life and enjoy every part of your life, including meals.

Author Bio:

Sowmya K is a certified dietician, who designs diet for diabetes patients specifically. But, she also has a keen passion for writing. So, she combined her professional knowledge and writing articles about diabetic diet choices and right exercises for diabetics to help people live an active life with diabetes.

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