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By: Ryon Watson
Knowing how to help poor elderly can at times feel difficult, confusing as well as overwhelming. The money you offer them directly might not be used by them. It’s even confusing what to offer them for food – think of offering an apple to a poor old man and then finding out he has no teeth.

Just as there are several reasons for people becoming needy, there are also several ways to help. Understanding the important reasons of destitution is often the best way to discover what the poor wants and how you are able to make a positive change in their lives.

The homeless elderly, often struggle with mental and physical problems and require a safe and stable living environment where they are able to get all kinds of health treatment and attention. To support them, consider volunteering or donating money to an NGO in India that provides longer-term accommodation. Donating money or volunteering to help such people can moreover help in creating comfortable as well as safe living surroundings.

The majority of destitute elderly have been kicked out of their homes or abandoned by their kids. And there are others who left their families themselves because they have gone through physical as well as emotional abuse at the hands of their children. For a lot of older people, trusting another young figure can be hard after facing such conditions in their lives.

One of the best ways to help such people is to just donate online or volunteer assistance enormously to a reputed non-governmental organization to support them continue with their charities smoothly. It could be a hot meal, a warm sweater or a clean pair of socks; or their medicines; these NGOs take care of everything. Taking the time to understand their requirements and to follow through can go a long way in helping them win back their faith in others.

For several old experienced people, physical weakness, mental suffering and post-traumatic stress is able to make settling in civilian life very difficult. As numerous elderly have very particular requirements to help them get back on their feet—health care services, accommodation support, counseling—there are many ways to get involved. Consider contributing your time or cash to organizations which help senior citizens.

At the same time as we want to address the problem of homeless poor elderly, the more we will be able to understand every person’s individual circumstances, the more we will be able to help. So, before making assumptions or judgments, take time to ask a few questions and do a bit of research. It can make the difference, for sure.

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Author of this article writes about HelpAge India -NGO India. To Help Senior Citizens make online donation by log on

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