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By: Nathan Knightley
My dad was always a real practical man. One of the things that he told me that always stayed in my mind is that you must always do the right job with the right tools. In my own projects, I always strive to live by this maxim. I have used it to everything in my job, and to most of my hobbies. What I had never applied it to, however, was table tennis equipment.

You see, I have been a table tennis enthusiast for a good many years. It all started when I transferred to college. The dorm that I lived in had some ratty old table tennis equipment in the basement. The table tennis paddles were almost literally falling apart. The nets sagged, the boards were uneven, and every time the ball hit the table, it wobbled. Even so, we had many great games. Around the time that I moved out, the dorm decided to purchase new table tennis equipment. They allow me to bring home the old stuff, and soon I had it installed in my basement.

I loved playing on that rickety old table, but it seemed like I could just get to a certain level. I never thought it was the ping pong equipment. I thought it was the way I was playing. You see, I was not the best athlete. How could I guess that the table tennis equipment was what was holding me back?

In fact, I realized that when I got to play at an area table tennis tournament. My friend who is very serious about the game, invited me along. The table tennis equipment there was a very high quality one. People had table tennis paddles made with technology that I had never seen before. The interesting part was, when I played on their table tennis equipment, I realized why I had never practiced some of the advanced techniques.

It is not possible to learn advanced ball control on a table that is warped and slanted. Eventhough I had a good game for my own set of table tennis equipment, when I was doing it on a regulation table, my game was off. Needless to say, I was eliminated early on. The first thing I did was get new table tennis equipment. You can be certain I will do better next time!

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