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By: hxp
Ever since Jean-Claude Biver became CEO of, the brand has never shied away from the spotlight. Even with Biver stepping down, they’ve made no exception at this year’s Baselworld. Not only have they taken the title of “Most Expensive Watch” at the Baselworld show at $5 million, they’ve already found a buyer! The lucky owner is the Hour Glass, a luxury watch retailer in Singapore. If you recall a similar diamond covered watch from hublot Big Bang 41mm replica last year, that piece had a $3 million price tag.

To make the most expensive watch hublot King Powe replica uk has produced, they employed a variety of diamond cutters and setters and sourcing an array of diamonds to help fit the watch, over 1,200 were used. This totaled around 100 carats of baguette cut diamonds, with 6 massive square emerald-cut stones weighing 3 carats each.

To create a completely flawless piece, an incredible amount of time was needed to find diamonds consistent of quality and color, then to craft them to perfectly fit the white gold Big Bang case and bracelet. Building the watch took 14 months, 7 months of time from 12 diamond cutters and then another 7 months from 5 diamond setters. Every diamond on this brilliant timepiece was graded A for both color and quality.

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