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By: AdeelQureshi
One of the most important reasons that abortions happen today is because people do not know about the right contraceptive methods to use. Without knowing when to use the right contraception, unwanted pregnancies are bound to happen. One of the best ways to reduce abortion is to educate people about the right use of contraceptives and why using them is a must. Here is a look at some of the different contraceptive methods that you can use today.

So, what is it all about?

The use of contraceptive methods enable woman to decide whether or when she wants to have a baby. It is one of the important methods to control birth rate. However, not all of these methods can stop STD's or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Many methods are available in the market today and new methods are being introduced time to time. A few of them are as follows.

Use of condoms: In this method, the sperm is prevented from entering the uterus. Few years ago, there were only male condoms which were available. In the recent past, female condoms have also been introduced. Condoms help cover the sexual organs and stop the flow of sperm into uterus. This method besides preventing pregnancy and also protects from STD's.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills: ECP's are hormonal tablets taken in doses as recommended by the doctor, to prevent fertilization in woman. They are to be taken within the specified time. Research is being carried out to have contraceptive pills for men too, which can reduce sperm production.

Vasectomy: It is a surgical method. In this, the right and left vas deferens are blocked or cut. Since the sperm has to pass through them, it is stopped by this method. It is designed to make a man sterile. It is not recommended since it is not always successful.

Spermicide: It is a chemical method that stops the sperm from moving towards the ovum. They are available in different forms such as films, foams, and creams. It is an effective method, if used as directed. In a few cases, spermicides cause irritation. However, it is considered as a minor problem. Today, Nanoxynol-9 is a common spermicide in use.

Intrauterine method: In this method, a T-shaped device is inserted into the uterus. This device prevents fertilization of ovum by stopping the sperm. It can be used for a long term. However, it is a good idea to go to the doctor first before adopting this method.

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