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By: amanda tom
Many people feel disappointed about their jobs, about their working environment, and that’s not necessarily because they’ve got a low salary or difficult tasks to do: it’s because they don’t get recognition for their efforts. Therefore, the key to boosting their motivation is to show them their work is acknowledged and appreciated. Organizing corporate parties and offering your employees small gifts such as crystal awards will make them work with more passion and dedication.

The salary is not the most important thing for an employee. Many international studies on the subject of the relationship between companies and their employees have shown that what most people appreciate at their jobs is the recognition of their efforts, of their hard work. Having a good relationship with the manager(s) is essential for feeling happy and motivated. From this we can conclude that organizing small events for employees, such as a company galas where glass crystal awards are offered to workers with professional achievements, is a much better way to determine the people working in a company to continue making efforts in developing the company. People need to feel appreciated by other people, especially by their superiors. Offering some small gifts such as glass crystal awards may not seem a big deal, but it will truly make a difference in your employees’ productivity: it will give them more positive energy.

Rewarding your employees is a sure way to keep them loyal and dedicated to your business. If your staff has personal accomplishments or professional ones, it’s important to give employees credit for these. Giving crystal awards is one of the best ways to show that you value their results. Crystal awards represent tangible reminders of your appreciation, respect and interest in their person, and this is worth more than a salary bonus. Money can be spent really fast and they only offer an immediate satisfaction, but crystal awards are a lasting symbol of success, of fulfillment.

Now that you understand how important it is to recognize your employees’ achievements, let’s talk a bit about glass crystal awards. These come in many shapes and size, from simple rectangular trophies to sleek and slim shapes. Crystal is very clear and it has a beautiful shine; when combined with a wood, the results can be exquisite. You can, of course, opt for another material for your awards, but crystal and glass look more elegant, so they’ll be more appreciated by your staff. You should also know that these trophies can be made into any shape you want. For instance, you can ask glass crystal awards manufacturers to create a trophy to match the logo or your company, or you can choose something more personalized for each employee you want to reward. A little trick that will help you reach the hearts of your employees: engrave a dedication on the base of the prize. Adding a personal touch to the awards will give them 10 times more value – personal value, that is. Your staff will respect and cherish you more if you’ll show them you care about them.
Reward your employees with glass crystal awards ! Crystal awards a tangible sign of appreciation that your workers will definitely cherish.

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