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By: Melina
When people hear of custom framing, they tend to imagine of photograph work, pieces of art and diplomas. Unknown to them, there are a wide range of objects that can be nicely framed beyond imagination. Simply because something has inner depths doesn’t make it impossible to fit inside a frame. Come to think of your medals, awards, memorabilia and heirlooms lying somewhere in your bedroom drawer uncared for or just thrown among other stuffs. Have you ever imagined how wonderful they might possibly appear when put in perfect custom frames and then displayed boldly for all to see? Definitely you haven’t. It’s never too late as you can still seek out for a custom framing Melbourne expert to have it done for you. There is a wide range of objects that can perfectly be custom framed as you will soon get to realize.
Shoe boxes and ancient shoes
Nearly every household has that little pair of shoes that the last born possibly wore and you wouldn’t want to part from it. Having it custom framed is one of the most brilliant ideas you can ever come to. This will not only help keep the fond ancient memories alive but also reunite loved ones with their past in awesome ways. Moreover, you can have them as souvenirs to be passed down to several generations just to bring in that essential bonding. Imagine the aura and striking conversation that would ensue between you and your friends upon siting a framed shoebox wonderfully dangling on your wall! Then you come to tell them that you had it inherited from your grand mom. They wouldn’t stop being envious of you and everyone knows it, so why not try it out?
Treasured fabrics and clothes
Signed sport jerseys, shirts and memorabilia are the other category of items that are best custom framed. It might have taken you sweat and salt collecting those priceless signatures and then you leave them in the wardrobe to slowly fade away with time. The best you can ever do is honouring such items with unique and elegant custom frames. Have them beautifully enclosed behind a protective glass if they are to be showcased several years to come. You don’t have to be worried of removing the souvenir from the frames later in life as you can have a custom framing Melbourne professional disassemble the entire setup for you. Alternatively, you can have him make a customized one that can easily enable you to open the back by yourself whenever you deem it necessary.
Medals and honorary metals
Medals are often treasured by those who earn them as they don’t just come by. You will in most cases find them kept somewhere in the draws or loosely hanged on the walls. You can accord them the honor they deserve by giving them a custom frame display. Since most of them are small, you can have them beautifully arranged inside a frame to create a seemingly admirable design. You will admit that envy would crop in were you to walk in a colleague’s house and have one like that hanging on the wall. So why not be the one to be envied?

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