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Author: Nicole Tate
Omega 3 fish oil supplements have been hailed to reduce the effects of asthma that is induced by exercise. In one study, participants placed on fish oil supplements reported improved lung functioning by 64 percent, as well as a 31 percent reduction in emergency inhalers use. Exercise-induced asthma makes the sufferer to experience airway inflammation medically known as broncho-constriction, following an exercise. Considering that omega 3 fish oil has the anti-inflammatory effect, an uptake of this supplement is valuable. For instance, the mucus of participants placed on fish oil supplements showed limited quantities of pro-inflammatory cells and markers.
Dietary supplements
A special diet inclusive of omega 3 fish oil reduces the narrowing of the airway, enabling the patient to use less asthma medications. Researchers who offered the prospect of combining omega 3 fish oil dietary supplementation with limited medication found this result. Putative role of mediators derived from lipids causes airway inflammation as well as hyper-responsiveness characterize asthma. However, fish oil supplementation on diet can also lower the severity of asthma by altering the pattern of these mediators. While this formula reduces the possible side effect of most asthma medication, it also reduced long-term medication use as well as medication toxicity in the body.
Further evidence
The anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 fish oil are indisputable. The result of dietary supplementation with omega 3 fish oil for children with bronchial asthma further brought extraordinary results. In the study, researchers ensured that they minimized the effect of diet and allergens inhaled in the environment. A bunch of participants received a capsule of fish oil supplement while others were given olive oil capsule. In the fish oil group, the symptoms of asthma reduced. What is more, the response to acetylcholine also decreased. Additionally, the level of EPA in the plasma increased significantly with no observable side effects. The olive oil capsule group however, did not experience any of these significant results. Subsequently, it is empirical to suggest that supplementation of diets with fish oil rich in EPA and DHA is beneficial for bronchial asthma. However, caution should be taken considering that such exemplary results are achieved in controlled environments in regard to diet and inhalant allergens.
It is also important to note that various studies continue to produce mixed results concerning the ability of omega 3 fish oil to treat asthma. Some studies assert that fish oil might worsen aspirin-induced asthma. The good news is that at least some studies have proved that Omega 3 fish oil can reduce asthma symptoms and inflammation in children and adults as well. It is recommended to ask your doctor regarding the quantity of fish oil supplements that is valuable for you.

Nicole Tate writes for numerous health and nutrition blogs researching, testing and reviewing dietary supplements.

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