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By: John Santos
Reef Fishing Gold Coast is just one of those activities that qualifies for the "once in a lifetime" label. As such, any fisherman should experience the thrill and beauty of dropping your line in the waters of the God Coast and pulling out the bounty of this amazing and scenic region. There is nothing that can compare in this world. If the simple allure of the area combined with the activity are not enough, then let me list reasons that are swimming around, just waiting for you to come and fich them out.

Fish species of the area include; snapper, marlin, tuna, king fish, perch, amberjack, parrot fish, tusk fish, mackerel, mahi mahi, dolphin fish, shark, tailor, yellow fin tuna, long tail tuna, teraglin, blue marlin, black marlin, cod, cobia, sailfish, black king fish and more. I know. That is more than twenty reasons right there. In fact, the reasons to go reef fishing in the Gold Coast are too numerous to count. There is a veritable school of reasons. If you are one who like to fill your life with experiences that are unique and exciting, you are probably looking up a charter right now.

There are many available charters for reef fishing Gold Coast style, and you are of course free to pick whichever charter floats your boat. Keep in mind the benefit of booking with an owner/skipper, as the experience tends to be considerably more involved and led with a passion that you simply do not find in a hired crew that has no stake in your experience. When the boat's crew actually owns the company and has a reputation at stake, you are likely going to have a good time. They are betting their business on it. Look for an experienced skipper, and a good solid boat. Of course, you will likely want to find a comfortable fishing platform as well, so make sure that the boat has all you need to enjoy your experience. This is your bucket list after all.

Have you added reef fishing Gold Coast to your bucket list yet? Well, hurry up and grab a pen. Write it down. In fact, you might as well go ahead, slap it on the top of that bucket list, then get back to the computer, and start looking for the reef fishing charter boat that is going to make the dream of fighting a marlin a reality. You only live once. Make it count.

John Santos endeavors to answer every question on reef fishing and reef fishing Gold Coast. Discover his secrets on reef fishing from around the world and Australia’s premier fishing location. For more visit

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