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By: Charles andrew
It's a GREAT time of year to Grow. To Launch your business, or Re Launch it :)

To use the 80/20 rule and focus on the 20% of the actions or "tactics" that actually earn you (and your team) the most income.

The Biggest "Income Producing" Tactics for growth.

Don't forget, our industry... Direct Sales, MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing was and is designed to grow quickly.

You know what though? So many people feel they have so much to do; they're not sure what their next move should be. Or they have 22 "to-do" lists and it's just too hard to prioritize anything.

I get it. When we started in this industry about eighteen years ago, it was the same for me. Then, through trial and error, I learned and created some Major Shortcuts.

So, it's your lucky day. I'm going to give you some of them free of charge :)

As I'm prepping the Re-Launch of our industry coaching program, the MLM PROSPERITY PROJECT, I'm putting all of these tactics in the best, most profitable, most efficient sequence based on student results.

In this FREE VIDEO, I teach 3 Tactics, that when put them into action, can increase your business more than 100%… in a single MONTH1

* Feel like you're spinning too many plates?
* Feel like your spinning your wheels?
* Just spinning circles in general?

Go to to get the free 1-hour training on exactly how to double your check in 1 month!

Let's simplify and get right to the stuff that's gonna grow your checks the fastest!

The ideas and tactics that will have YOU helping your team earn more starting now!

To Your Best Growth Era Ever,

Tim Altvater
Co Founder of the MLM Prosperity Project
More great tactics at

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