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By: Ryon
In August 2014, world coffee exports amounted to 8.85 million bags, a substantial increase from last year. In addition, coffee is the world\'s second most traded commodity after oil and enjoys high popularity amongst all sections of society. A fascinating natural resource, coffee is consumed in almost all the regions of the world and has had a profound impact on global culture and traditions. Here are some exciting facts about coffee that you may not know:

Coffee is a major cause of widespread violence in Kenya:
The coffee industry in Kenya has had to battle an onslaught of theft and violence because of coffee beans. This is because one kilo of dried beans is equal to one week\'s salary. Though a special police force has been established to deal with the situation, raids by armed gangs have become a daily occurrence. In addition, with more than 5 million people in Kenya dependent on the coffee industry in order to make a daily living, this is seriously a daunting issue for the government.

Coffee rust destroys coffee plantation in Central America
A fungal disease, coffee rust attacks the leaves of coffee plant and causes distinctive orange patches on it. It eventually destroys the plant and is a big threat to the livelihood of coffee farmers. The Arabica plant, which is considered as one of the best coffee beans and used to make various varieties of coffee including cappuccino coffee is a major victim of this problem. In February 2013, Guatemala declared a state of agricultural emergency due to coffee rust which affected coffee plantations in large number. The state also provided USD 14 million dollars so as to equip farmers with pesticides so that they could deal with the problem. When such incidents take place, the price of coffee beans automatically increase, affecting coffee consumption all over the world.

Coffee can cause addiction, but only when consumed in large doses
Normal consumption of coffee cannot cause addiction. For coffee to be lethal, a person would have to drink at least 100 cups. So if a person consumes only 2-3 cups of coffee even on a daily basis, that dosage is normal and can never prove to be lethal. In fact, drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily can even provide a host of health benefits. Further, with so many varieties of coffee now available in the market like iced cappuccino, caffe latte mug and hazelnut mocha, the choice before the customer is truly endless.

Coffee was almost banned in England during the 17th century
Served in numerous coffee houses around the country, England first got its taste of coffee in the 17th century. In fact, there were 82 coffee bars in London alone. But coffee was not popular with everyone and King Charles attempted to ban the drink in 1675. Fortunately, this plan did not see the light of day and coffee bars and homes soon went on to become the meeting places of the scientific and literary worlds. It was frequented by people like Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke, Samuel Johnson, and Alexander Pope among others.

Over the years, the industry has expanded with the creation of numerous coffee bars and shops that provide customers with some of the best coffee experience in the world.


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Ryon writes about Coffee Bars and coffee Shops. For more details about Iced cappuccino, caffe latte mug and hazelnut mocha visit

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