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By: Ryon Watson
Considered as one of the most popular beverage in the world, coffee is enjoyed by people all around the globe. This amazing beverage is an important part of our mornings and helps us kick start our day on an energetic note. The increasing popularity of coffee has in turn led to the establishment of many coffee shops that are today an integral part of our culture and tradition. In addition, there are a number of differing opinions published about how coffee might be harmful for the human body. However this is not true because when consumed in moderation, coffee offers a host of health benefits. Some of the myths related to coffee are given below:

Myth 1: Coffee tends to create stress
This is not true. Drinking coffee on the other hand decreases stress levels as coffee is considered to be a natural stimulant that has a relaxing effect on the mind. In other words, coffee does not create stress but blocks the production of adenosine in the body which is a natural stress reliever. That is why there is a misconception that coffee tends to create stress which is not true.

Myth 2: Consumption of caffeine causes insomnia
Again a very common myth that is not true at all. This is because when you consume a cup of coffee, the human body instantly absorbs and discards the caffeine within a very short period of time. Caffeine is processed through the liver and more than half of it is removed from the body within 4-5 hours and 75 per cent within another five hours. Limiting the consumption of coffee to 2-3 cups a days will not affect your sleep pattern in any way.

Myth 3: Coffee causes cancer
Again, this is a false myth being circulated in the media. Several prominent and reputed researchers have proved that there is no connection between getting cancer and consumption of coffee. In fact, according to some researchers, coffee can lower the risk of cancer in individuals. This is because coffee
contains antioxidants that help to fight cancer effectively.

Myth 4: Coffee is just a beverage and has no substantial health benefits
Coffee is actually a very healthy beverage. It contains a number of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that lowers the risk of several serious diseases and improves overall human health. In other words, coffee contains several important nutrients, like Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium and Niacin. It also lowers the risk of Type II diabetics and Alzheimer’s disease, which affects more than thousands of people around the world.

Myth 5: Caffeine is addictive
When consumed in a limited manner, caffeine is not addictive. Addiction happens when someone becomes dependent on a drug to such an extent that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they do not receive the particular drug. Caffeine consumption does not qualify to be an addiction and researchers have proved that caffeine does not result in any kind of addiction. In addition, dug addiction and alcohol has severe social and physical consequences but this is not the case with caffeine. This proves the fact that caffeine is not addictive and neither is it responsible for any kind of addiction.

The bottom line is that consumption of coffee in limited amounts is not harmful and can even prove to be beneficial for the human body. This can be proved by the increasing number of cafe coffee shops that now an integral part of the modern culture and lifestyle. These cafe restaurants and shops are proof that coffee continues to be one of the most popular beverage in the world, that is liked and enjoyed by customers all over the world.

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