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By: campervan
Campervan hire from Darwin enables you to enjoy your trip to the vast region of the Northern Territory, Australia in comfort and style. The Northern Territory, Australia is also called the last frontier and Darwin is its capital. This region is full of iconic natural wonders and other tourist attractions.

A campervan hired from Darwin enables you to visit any place that you find pleasing regardless of its location. Unlike coaches that will not take you from one attraction to another, a campervan will enable you to go anywhere and you don't have to worry about the hassle of finding accommodation - both your accommodation and transport are rolled into one. Thus, you can stop at any place that you find attractive and even spend your nights anywhere you find convenient.

10 ofbest things to see in the Northern Territory of Australia that are better if you are in a campervan….

Here are the 10 must see places in the Northern Territory of Australia:

1. Litchfield National Park: This is a major attraction for a campervan holiday. The nature of this park enables you to visit a mountain, swamps, forests and desserts all in the one park. At the top of the attractions of this park are the Tabletop Waterfalls. Having your own vehicle and accommodation with you as you travel make visiting the sites here doubly easy.

2. Timber Creek Town: This attraction is located about 600 kilometres from the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin. It is popular for the Victoria River that provides a perfect ground for boat riding and fishing activities. The Big Horse creek on the bank of this river provides a campground. Parking your campervan hired from Darwin here is easy and even spending the whole night there having fun.

3. Gregory National Park: This is located in the Timber Creek Town. You must see this park during your trip to the Northern Territory due to its wide range of fauna and flora and the scenic valleys and gorges. Viewing these attractions in your camper can be challenging due to the nature of the terrain in the park so maybe a 4wd campervan hired from Darwin is better way to make moving around the park easier.

4. Kakadu National Park: This is one of the largest national parks in Australia. It is popular for the South Alligator River that has plenty of wildlife that includes crocodiles.

5. Kanunurra Town: Situated around 800 kilometers from Darwin, Kanunura Town is famous for its natural beauty and attractions. The Discovery holiday park is also found in this region.

6. The El Questro station: This place has rugged terrain where you can test your driving skills. It is located about 850 kilometres from the capital of the Northern Territory and it is full of lush forest, scenic waterfalls and rough ranges.

7. East Point Reserve: This attraction can easily be accessed in a campervan. It has iconic scenery, museums, military memorabilia and playgrounds as well as beaches. Here, culture meets nature and a campervan will enable you to explore all these attractions with ease.

8. Mindil Beach Market: This is also accessible by a campervan hired from Darwin. It offers a wide range of craft stands such as the crafted didgeridoo.

9. Casuarina Beach: This beach is a must see or visit if you want to explore the tropical wildlife that Darwin has for tourists. While here, you can spot a sea eagle or osprey flying over your head and other marine wildlife including marine turtles. Campervan hire in Darwin enables you to have a better view of marine wildlife and even take clear photos with ease.
10. Cockburn range: This attraction is situated in Kimberly and it is full of scenic views such as the rugged cliffs. These cliffs have a fortress shape with rock pools and valleys that will give you a magical experience. Your vehicle might be unable to conquer the terrain of this attraction but not a campervan hired from Darwin.

A good campervan comes with utilities that ensure your maximum comfort throughout your trip to the Northern Territory in Australia. It also enables you to avoid the disturbance that comes with other means of transport during your tour of the Northern Territory regardless of how long you opt to stay there. For more Details about the campervan hired from Darwin then visit us @

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