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By: hxp
In France, the maximum fine is 300,000 euro (260,000) or three years in jail.

The UK government has decided against criminalising consumers. Instead it has launched an information campaign aimed at people using markets and boot sales.

Should the people who buy fake goods be penalised? Or do information campaigns work? Do you buy fake designer goods?

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For sheer crass ignorant stupidity this idea takes the Grand Prize.

Instead of going after the Chinese government for its laisse faire attitude to the manufacture and exporting of fakes by its own corrupt officials and companies, these numbskulls want to target the buyers.

Are we so afraid of the Chinese that we cannot impose punitive import tax penalties on real Chinese goods, if we do they will sit and take notice, we play by the rules, they totally ignore them.

Time to act on China.

Peter Marton, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

When Nike produced their goods in sweatshops for pennies and sell for over inflated prices, no one bats an eyelid.

New contraband at the airports. I can see it now, sniffer dogs trained to recognise fake handbags, shoes and jeans howling as they sniff each passenger and making a dive up trouser legs like a ferret to expose fake Calvin Kline underwear.

People do not realise that when they are buying fakes, they are buying goods made in illegal factories under shocking and dangerous conditions. Often the proceeds go to the criminal gangs running the factories. There's a real human cost behind the (fake) label.

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