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By: amanda tom
Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus, and a World Heritage Site by all rights – the Island of Rhodes attracts a large number0 of tourists every year. And, reasons there are ample as to why this Greek island has become one of the most commonly visited destinations among all the other Dodecanese islands. The island is not just a haven for history hunters but also for beach and sun lovers as it has a string of small beach resorts lined across the sea coast. Rhodos Lindos is among the most popular ones. Lindos, just like the rest of the Rhodes, presents a unique merger of history and nature.

Getting to know the Island of Rhodes
Served by the Diagoras International Airport, the Island of Rhodes is well connected to most of the European cities. Capital city, Rhodes is in the north of the island. The interiors are not as populated as the coastal regions, which though rocky, shelters both the residents as well as most of the vegetation. While in Rhodes, you should take a tour of the old medieval town, and for that you need to be prepared for a long walk, of course, with breaks and refreshments.

Ancient architecture graces the streets of the old town. The market place offers quite a colorful collection of local art and craft creations by the artists there. There are enough hotels to suit the budget and requirement of travelers. Get ready for an ample dosage of local cuisine while you are in the Island of Rhodes.

A popular beach resort – Rhodos Lindos
According to legend, Rhodos Lindos was created by one of Zeus’ divine sons. Sure looks like it though. One look at the pristine whitewashed small houses dotting the landscape of Lindos will give you a feel that you are in a different world altogether. It is a small enough town to be covered on foot so if you are required to park your ride outside the town, then there’s no cause of concern.

The Captain’s Houses and the Ruins of Acropolis are the main attractions in Lindos. Put on your beach clothes and take a stroll to the main beach in Lindos or the St. Paul’s Beach, located near Lindos. You can also take one of those aquatic tours and cruises if you are in the mood for a bit of adventure and excursion during your visit to Rhodos Lindos. If you are planning to stay in Lindos for a night or two, then there are ample accommodation options to make the stay comfortable for you.

Plan a vacation to the Island of Rhodes and do include Rhodos Lindos in your itinerary if you want to complete picture of what a Greek island can offer to a tourist in search of a bit of history and beach, both. Castles, museums, religious places, architectural wonders, beach resorts, natural tours – a visit to Rhodes includes a bit all of these elements. And, this is where a visit to Rhodes is so much more refreshing.
The Island of Rhodes can be great vacation destination with its mix of history, heritage and beaches like Rhodos Lindos .

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