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By: Glara Cha
Aloe plant has its usage since the ancient times. Since, 3500 years the plant with its long, spiked leaves have been experimented and produced into a variety of skin lotions, moisturizers, cosmetics, etc. The presence of vital minerals and vitamins in Aloe plants serve as perfect ingredients for making juice or aloe drink. Since many complain about the insipid taste of Aloe juice, manufacturers are finding it easy to sell the drink in varied flavours like mango aloe vera juice or strawberry aloe vera juice, etc. Savia International Co., Ltd., is a Korean based company and it is known for its innovative ways of catering Aloe Vera essential in forms of drinks and juices.

Read below to know the 10 reasons why you should have Aloe Vera Juice

• Containing significant nutrient components, the juice is the right call to ensure digestive benefits. Consuming the juice aids in soothing your digestive tract and eliminates different types of intestinal and stomach problems. The special attributes present in the juice assists in strengthening your digestive system, healing ulcers in stomach and intestines.

• Having detoxifications benefits, the juice is able to clean the blood stream. Carrisyn, regarded as a pivotal extract in Aloe Vera aids in strengthening your immunity system.

• Also, consuming the juice you can help you lose weight to remarkable extent. Special ingredients present in the juice works by stabilizing the Body Mass Index (BMI), i.e., by stimulating the rate of metabolism that is there in the liver cells. The rich source of collagen protein assists in enhancing Aloe’s effectiveness and functions as a weight loss supplement.

• Aloe Vera juice promises to ensure heart benefits. It comprises of a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Hence, it is a natural, nutritional and effective supplement. Scientifically proven, Aloe helps to support cell growth and at the same time dilates capillaries, thus improving circulation. Herein, the properties of the juice functions by decreasing fat deposits along with blood clots in arteries and heart. The condition and operation of your heart is drastically improved.

• Aloe juice promotes healthy skin. It repairs elastic and collagen, thus rendering very healthy and glowing skin. Science says that the human skin is replaced in every 28 days. Thus, the nutritional blocks from Aloe Vera keep the skin fresh and anew by fighting signs of aging.

• It is the powerhouse of minerals and vitamins.

• The juice contains 12 various substances that aid in preventing inflammation and evading all side-effects.

• Aloe juice supplies the most essential amino acids as required by your body to fulfill your body’s daily needs.

• Also, Aloe juice ensures dental health that provides anti-bacterial and anti-microbial actions promoting cell growth and healing. Hence, for this reasons many tooth gels have Aloe Vera in it.

• When your body is in a state of alkaline, diseases cannot affect you. Aloe Vera juice is an alkaline forming food that aids in balancing acidity in your diet and alkalizing your body.

In this Context, Savia International Co., Ltd., an aloe vera original drink manufacturer in Korea deserves special mention with its range of aloe drinks with mouth-watering flavours. For more visit:

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