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By: Aashi Khattar
Interestingly “carp” is a term that refers to all the fresh water fishes as a whole. This fishing report will help you to get some basic idea about carp fishing. Mostly these types of fishes are found on European ad Asian waters. But other parts of world also sport carps though with mixed results. According to their availability and patters carps can be of various types and those are discussed below:

First of all the pattern that comes in mind is the common carp which is also known as European carp. In most of the cases these fishes are found in Asia & Eastern Europe. Silver Carp is also a variety which is a bit difficult to get a hold on. These fishes are filter feeders to you can cast anything or everything to hook them. They are genuinely difficult to catch by a typical hook or line gear. Special equipments are required to catch them. There are a number of fishing reports from where you can get ideas about the gears to catch a silver carp.

Carps that come in biggest in size are called bighead carps. These are also hard to catch as these are also filter feeders as the silver carps. However you can get a hold on bighead carps through suspension method of fishing. Grass carps are mostly found on small lakes. These small lakes or backwaters are actually blessed with abundant supply of fresh water and vegetation. So these fishes come here to explore these attractions. Grass carps are vegetarian in nature, so they are difficult to be caught on rod and reel. May a couple of net will help you the most. Remember they also have wariness in their nature as well.

Like grass carps, crucian carp are also to be found on lakes and ponds. Moreover, these fishes are to be found on slow moving rivers as well. As any others carps you will find crucian carps are also mostly found on rivers of throughout the Europe and Asia. As these fishes are a hybrid species so all the other aquatic animals have to face some threats from them always.

Carp fishing is really getting popular across the world, while UK and Europe is leading the chart. Thousands of new anglers venture in to carp fishing and you will get thousands of fishing reports about their adventures on net. As the market of this fishing style is growing so the manufactures of fishing tools are also bringing newest fishing tackles to help to get a hold on this wealth. They are constantly developing new ideas so that anglers can have a pleasant experience each time.

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