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By: Harry Smith
Main entrance for your house is garage door. So, it should be in a good condition as personal and valuable things are at stake. Durability and stability of the garage door can only be maintain by the proper maintenance. According to garage door repair Brampton garage is place that should have strong garage door as it is an essential part of house. Garage door enhances beauty and also protects vehicles from theft.

Garage door Oakville professionals from various companies suggest that installation of appropriate threshold and seal play a vital role in maintenance of garage door. Garage doors are the largest movable equipment of the house. Maintenance of garage door is important to ensure it is working in a proper way.

Lubricating Garage Door

While lubricating a garage door there are certain things that should be kept in mind. Lithium spray or silicone sprays should be used for lubricating the garage door parts such as the top part of the chain, metal roller that comes with a ball bearing, stems, hinges, nubs and the lock. It is recommended that parts of squeaking garage door should not be lubricated with a lubricant. Chain rail, the chain, garage door track and the spring shouldn't be lubricated with a lubricate.

Properly Cleaning Of The Garage Door Track

Lubricant shouldn't be sprayed on the track of the garage door if the garage door becomes noisy or sticky. It can even result in collecting of particular material that will harden and can even complicate the functioning of the door. Garage door track should be clean by wiping the inside portion of the track with a help of a cloth. There must of a pebble, leaves or dust that is resulting in improper working of garage door.

Importance Of Weather Seals

Weather seals helps in saving energy and it prevents moisture from going inside. It should be applied on the bottom part, in between the garage door panels and on the frame of the garage door. Weather seal should fit between the threshold and seal. This will help in keeping the rain, insects and critters out of the garage. Check that seal is all-weather adhesive, suits look of the home and a good quality product before selecting the weather seal for the garage.

Realigning of Garage Door Sensors

If the garage door sensor are not working properly this can be out of the fact that sensors are knocked out of line. Garage sensors need to be organized by gently pushing the sensor in the right position. The correct position of the sensor is when they are facing each other. There will be a light that will be blinking at the indicator showing that the sensors are not in the correct position. And when the sensors are arranged in the correct position a solid light will appear replacing the blinking.

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