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By: Valerie Samway
The Grand Slam event cover 4 yearly tennis events. They are the US Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. The victor becomes one of the best game players in this sport, gain media popularity and receive a substantial prize money. A two week time period is given to all these tournaments. When all 4 competitions are won within the same year, the player or game players are going to be hailed as the Grand Slam winner.

The Australian Open is the first one listed. This renowned tournament takes place every last week of January each year in Melbourne, Australia. Its first event took place in 1905. The Australian Open is the the first one to take place amongst the four primary tennis tournaments of the Grand Slam. There are various tournaments in this specific competition. They are the men's, women's, singles, doubles and even junior competition.

The hard courts are the usual locations were this match is played. Many people attend to this event however, it ranks only second to the US Open with regards to the attendance. The Australian Open was also the first one of all 4 major tournaments to feature an indoor match because of rainy weather or extreme heat while in the open. The winning prize money for the Australian Open 2014 IS $33 million AUD.

The French Open is also referred to as Roland Garros. That is among the primary tournaments in the Grand Slam. This is held for 2 weeks between the months May and June. The place where the competition will be held is in Stade Roland Garros in France. The primary tennis competition was named after the French Aviator, Roland Garross. This is known as the most renowned and the sole tennis competition played in a clay court.

The matches are in sets of 5. In the last set of this tournament, there is no tiebreaker. This specific sporting event is known to be as among the most arduous tennis game as it's played in a slow playing tennis court.. The prize money for the French Open 2014 winner was increased to €25,018,900.

The oldest tennis event amongst the 4 in the Grand Slam is the Wimbledon Championships. This is also considered to be the most renowned of all. Since 1877, this tennis event has long been held at the All England Club that could be seen in London. This game is also played out on a grass court. This is why it's still the very best example of the game known as "lawn tennis".

This occurs between the months of June and July for two weeks. This is the third competition in the Grand Slam. Strict dress rules are implemented for the players who are competing within this sporting event. Likewise, this tournament is known to not feature any sponsor advertising.

The final tennis Grand Slam competition every year is the US Open. This transpires for Two weeks between the months of August and September. There are 5 championship events included in this event. These include the singles and doubles for the men's and women's category as well as the mixed doubles. Other competitions involved are for the wheelchair players, seniors and juniors. This event has been played in hard courts ever since 1978 and takes place in USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. It's arranged and owned by the USTA. The income gained are utilized to market tennis in the United States.

The US Open is known to be the 2nd oldest amongst the 4 Grand Slam competitions. When compared to the other leading tennis tournaments, it has tiebreaks in all of the sets including the last set. The other competitions didn't have tie breaks in the last set.

Each year, a great number of tennis tournaments are being held. However, the most promising and talented tennis players seek to contend in the Grand Slam competitions. Getting involved in this is an honor and could be also a beginning or boost in their tennis career.

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