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By: Athanasiusalex
You have a business idea. You take it online, aim to launch an online business idea. The e-commerce solutions market is exploding and you want to join the bandwagon. You hire some unknown person who offers to build your website for dirt cheap. You’re delighted! He says he will complete it in 3 days. 3 days become 3 weeks, and then 3 months. You argue with the developer, he asks for more money, you haggle and invariably relent. After all, the amount you’re paying is nothing compared to the amount your e-commerce solutions business will rake in.

After months of endless phone conversations and frustration, the website carrying your online business idea is ready. It took close to a year, but all’s well that ends well. Your payment gateway is integrated, website looks good and you’re all set. You launch it onto the production server, promote it using Google ads, start a Facebook page and invite friends to like (which they do). And then you wait.

And you wait, and you wait. Nothing happens. The hoards of traffic your e-commerce solutions business expected never came. Maybe you didn't promote it enough. So you spend more in Google ads. Still nothing. What could’ve gone wrong? You did everything you should have… read articles everyday, supervised the website development… you were even ready to pawn your wife’s jewelry because you were so sure this online business idea would work. What happened?

Well, you committed the cardinal sin of not choosing the right keywords. “But I did!” you say. “I scanned through the Google Keywords Tool to choose keywords with the highest number of searches!” Yet, your website doesn’t get even 1% of the traffic for the targeted keywords. Forget conversion, you’re left jousting for traffic now.

“OK smartass! So what do you mean by the ‘right keywords’ ”, you ask. Well, the right keywords are ones which not only drive traffic to your website but also help you generate revenue. After all, that’s the aim of your e-commerce solutions website, right? So how do you search for the right keywords? Well, below are 3 suggestions:

1. Choose keywords for your online business idea which do not have high competition, but a relevantly decent number of searches. Since yours is an e-commerce solutions portal, you can target keywords globally, not just restricted to your country. Ensure you keep an eye on the Competition column in the Google Keyword Planner tool. Look for keywords with Medium/Less competition. High competition keywords may have large number of searches, but it’s also that much more difficult for you to feature on Page 1 of Google for them. And trust me, page 1 is all that matters.
2. Install Google Analytic. Your first set of keywords may not necessarily be the right ones. But Google Analytic will show you which keywords are drawing customers who made purchases to your site and which ones are resulting in them leaving immediately. Focus on the ones which help you convert; those are the ones you should target in Google ads also.
3. Research competitor keywords. This idea is an excellent way to get a start. Visit your competitor’s page source and under h1, search for ‘keywords’. Don’t blindly use the keywords you find. Use points (1) and (2) for them to analyze whether they really fulfill your aims.

Keyword research is quite a boring task. It’s not as exciting as setting up a server for your online business idea, integrating a payment gateway for your e-commerce solutions platform or deciding the design of each page of your website. Yet, it is the most important part of your setup. As the headline says, this is the 1 aspect which can make or break the business which you have poured sweat, blood and money into. Use YouTube tutorials to understand how to use the Google Keyword Planner and Analytic tools better. Once you have targeted the right keywords and followed the right optimization strategy, traffic will flow in alright. Conversion then depends upon how good your website it. Make sure your design is carefully planned. More on that in coming posts. All the best!
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