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By: amanda tom
In the world of web design, the web-friendliness of the selected font is a significant factor that determines the success of the website. A font that is not enough web-friendly can turn a website totally unreadable on specific browsers. Many browsers deny loading certain web fonts or sometimes certain web fonts appear to be too small or decorative in certain browsers. You need to visit a reliable website offering web fonts and choose the type of web font that you think would suit your website’s design. There are many websites that offer free web fonts.

Some web fonts that are commonly used by the website designers have been mentioned below:

• Helvetica: This is one of the web fonts that are most frequently used by the professional designers. It was Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman who developed this web font in 1957. This fairly neutral web font has the ability to take on the mood of the web environment in which it is used. This is due to this reason Helvetica is suitable for all sorts of design applications and websites.

• Bodoni: This happens to be one of the most modern looking web fonts. The excellent contrast between its thick and thin strokes accounts for the high popularity of this web font. The condensed shape of this font turns it extremely suitable for the headlines. The font has been named after its creator, Giambattista Bodoni who developed it in 1798. It has been used in various band logos.

• Futura: Developed and introduced by Paul Renner in 1927, Futura is believed to be very modern for its time. This is on e of the most legible web fonts.

• Garamond: This popular typeface was developed in the 16th century and it inspired several spin-off fonts like Stempel Garamond and Adobe Garamond. This happens to e ne of the most easily readable typefaces.

• Bickham Script Pro: It was Richard Lipton who created Bickham Script Pro in 1997. It is one of the web fonts that is extensively used in web designs requiring a more decorative touch.
Out of the aforementioned web fonts, Futura and Helvetica are suitable for all sorts of theme designs. However, you are seeking to instill more decorative touch to your website design, you can consider using fonts like Bickham Script Pro.
Choosing a web font for web design is not an easy affair. You need to take into account several factors while choosing a font for your website design. If you are just venturing out to start your next web design project, you need to ensure that you choose a font that is legible in most of the browsers and devices. Your targeted users should find it easy to read the web fonts you use in your website design conveniently.
As already mentioned above, there are a large number of websites that offer free web fonts. You need to do a lot of research on the internet to find if the website from which you get your free web fonts is trustworthy.
Are you looking for suitable web fonts for your website design? If “yes”, you can visit our website for free web fonts .

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