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By: amanda tom
Every family has certain norms and ingrained discipline about cleanliness and organization. A functional home is one where things are neat and arranged and men and women share equal responsibilities towards a lovely house. Whereas women are often associated with neat closets and well-maintained accessories, today’s men are not far behind in the endeavor. One useful piece of furniture that takes care of all men’s clothing and little artifacts is a men’s valet stand. A valet stand has existed for decades but now presents itself in a modern avatar that’s both stylish and multifunctional. Traditionally it has hooks for hanging coats, trouser and jacket, shoe rack for a couple of shoes and a tray organizer for your ties, tie clips, cufflinks, wallet and other everyday knick knacks. It has been modified to accommodate the new age needs of men who have dynamic interests, are tech savvy and conscious about their appearance.

Once you decide to purchase a valet stand get to know the different kinds that are available, fix a budget and choose the store, online or otherwise, where you want to place an order. Men’s valet stand is often made of pure wood and these are more expensive owing to their quality and assured longevity. The price also varies depending on the number of features in the stand. The basic ones have a clothes hangar for suits, jackets and trousers and a drawer to store things. You can buy the upgraded ones that have shoe racks, hooks for hats, jewelry box for men where you can store your items ranging from watches to tiepins.

You would often wake up in the morning and run from one room to another collecting all your possessions be it your phone, your watch, a shirt that matches your jacket and shoes to go with it; and all this when you are already late for work. Bring home a valet stand that will be an answer to all your problems. The trendy men’s valet stand even has charging station to charge your phone. Start your day at a leisurely pace with a cup of refreshing tea and sumptuous breakfast because all your things are in place and where they should be. These are stylish, elegant and do not take up a lot of space in the house. Thus, whether you have a small cozy room or a large room with a lot of furniture, this stand will easily find its corner.

Many men’s valet stands are accompanied with an attached mirror. So, it acts as your personal dresser that addresses your complete needs. Make sure that you source it from a reliable store at a good price. If you have any specific needs such as jewelry box with specific partitions for your accessories or, additional hangars for your suits and jackets, discuss it with the online store and find out whether they can personalize it for you. These also make great gift items and you can also personalize the stand by inscribing the name of your loved one. A complete man is one who has impeccable taste in finer things of life and a valet stand will undoubtedly complement his personality.
Gift the man in your life a men’s valet stand that is an extension of his personality. Invest in a valet stand that is a dresser, an organizer and a keeper of all things that matter.

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