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By: amanda tom
An escape from your hectic work schedule and household responsibilities is necessary once in a while. It can be a day of shopping therapy, an afternoon with best buddies or just lazing around in pajamas but, there cannot be anything better than relieving all the stress through a relaxing sauna bath. A sauna bath uses wet or dry heat to make you perspire and release the toxins from the body. It is equal to long hours of rigorous exercise and all you need to do is sit and relax. Cedar saunas are very popular because if their varying shades and scent. These can also be used to make outdoor saunas too.

A sauna is more than just a bath. It has many health benefits. It helps you in getting rid of rheumatic pain and mild depression. It is also known to reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue and anorexia. Cedar sauna is made of western red cedar and has an aromatic scent which makes the bath experience very pleasant. There are various grades of cedar available. An outdoor sauna has a very important feature in the form of a sauna foil vapor barrier. It increases the efficacy of the sauna by reflecting the heat back into the bath. This also helps in saving energy resulting in lower heat consumption. When not in use, the doors and windows of the sauna should be kept open to prevent any odor formation.

The reason why cedar is used for saunas is that the wood contains natural essential oils which are secreted when exposed to steam. These oils provide resistance to growth of bacteria, fungi and insects within the sauna and prevent its rotting. Red cedar saunas have a smooth finish as compared to white cedar saunas as they do not have knots. There are various accessories included in an outdoor sauna such as a sauna bucket, a wooden ladle, a thermometer, vents, grills, headrest etc. An important accessory is the sauna fragrance. Eucalyptus is pretty popular however, you can go for your favorite ones too.

The ventilation system of an outdoor sauna includes sliding vents and proper inlet and outlet system to maintain uniform temperature inside the bath. It helps in conserving energy and also maintains fresh oxygen supply. Seats of the sauna are constructed at 2 or more levels so that the sauna can be used by more than one person. The doors and windows are fully insulated to minimize heat loss and the glass on sliding vents and windows are treated to do the same. Cedar saunas are pressure tested to withstand extreme heat as well as humidity. They are free of sap and are insulator of both sound and heat.

Outdoor saunas are available in kits these days with all essential accessories. Get all the necessary information from online stores which supply these kits. The parts are pre-fabricated and can be assembled with simple tools such a wrench and a screw driver. Instructions for installation of the sauna along with photos are given in the manuals. The sauna heaters are specially designed with stainless steel with life time warranty. Some cedar saunas are fitted with a music system or a DVD player and TV to enhance your relaxing experience. So, install a sauna at your backyard and enjoy a sauna bath along with your partner.
Cedar saunas have anti-bacterial property to safeguard it from rotting. Outdoor saunas should be kept open when not in use.

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