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By: amanda tom
Are you looking for a flooring solution that is durable, good looking and soft beneath your feet? You get to know about the perfect solution here. Cork floors can offer you all these benefits that were just mentioned. Cork tiles are attractive looking, durable and aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to convert your floor into a floor your entire family is going to fall in love with.

Cork is a completely natural material that is produced from the bark of the cork oak tree. This tree is native to north-west Africa and south-west Europe and it is found in abundance in both these places. Cork is the ideal flooring material because of some of its properties. And because it is available in abundance, you don’t harm nature when you use cork for flooring.

Let us look at a few properties of cork that make it ideal for flooring.

Impermeable - Cork is an impermeable material. This means that once you lay down those cork tiles, water cannot penetrate them. This is not all because cork floors are also not susceptible to termites, mold and mildew. Thus, there is no health risk associated with cork flooring. Cork floors also insulate against heat and sound. They only melt under very high temperature, hence taking fire hazard out of the equation.

Durable - Cork floors are most durable and can last for years. Even when you paint them and wash them, nothing seems to happen to them. You would only want to change your cork tiles when they are quite a few years old and lose their appearance due to wear and tear. They can withstand most things (as you read above) and thus, they tend to last forever.

Attractive - Cork tiles are available in different patterns and colors and can be matched with the interior of your home. If and when you change the color of your walls and change your furniture, you can paint the tiles in a new color and create harmony again.

Easy to manage - Due to its durable nature, cork is extremely easy to manage and maintain. You can clean tiles made of cork as you clean other flooring materials. They don’t require you to spend time on their maintenance and once your flooring is in place, you can put your feet up and relax. Cork has another important property where it acts as an excellent under layer for other flooring materials. There are many homes where wooden or stone floors are laid on a bed of cork. This increases the durability of these flooring materials.

Isn’t there reason enough for you to invest in cork as a flooring material? Cork tiles are extremely affordable and there are some excellent suppliers close to you. For getting cork floors installed, you can ask the seller for assistance. Go through the installation process on the internet and you may find that you can do the job yourself. Ensure that the finishing is top class and you can have an excellent floor for years.
Create attractive floors with cork tiles . And you also get the other benefits of cork floors .

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