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By: Burt Waikiki
In today's fast moving cities, we, often, get less time which is not enough to cook food in our kitchens. So, often we go to restaurants. Sometimes, going there becomes a regular matter for tiffin or breakfast. But, many of us will question about the effect on our health due to taking food at restaurant now and then. But, for them basic information is that healthy eating does not mean strict restrictions to our diet and making ourselves devoid of the favourite dishes with which we are in love madly. You can get nutritious diet at restaurant also. Before discussing other matters related to restaurants, here is a simple tip for staying healthy without sacrificing your favourite food. You need moderation during taking food. The term, ‘moderation ‘ means taking as much food as your body needs and not becoming stuffed, so that after eating you feel discomfort. Then your delicious food will have no meaning for you.

Many of us today visit Dubai often for business or for holiday. The city is famous for its delicious dishes. Suppose, you are a new comer there and are in search of best restaurant in dubai. The first things which you need to know are the features of a good or ideal restaurant. The first feature of a good eatery should be cleanliness. This will be seen all around the place from entrance to the table and also the kitchens which are sometimes kept aside from the view of the customers. Yet, some conscious customers check the cleanliness there tactfully. You will definitely observe this at top restaurants in dubai. The second characteristic of such a place is its service. It is natural that most of us go there when we are hungry or less time to cook food or being tired of hard work. So, the atmosphere there should be homely, to some extent, and if possible, it will be less noisy and soft. Then, customers will get a soothing sense and will fall in love with that place in due course. It is beneficial for both the owner and the customer.

Dubai is such a place where you can taste various types of cuisines of Middle East and the Gulf. Some famous dishes here are Al Harees, Hummus, Falafel, Ghuzi, Matchbous etc. They are good nutritional food and eating them in a top class restaurant in Dubai will enhance your experience a lot.

Burt Waikiki is a travel writer and has huge experience in cuisine of different continent. You can get information of both nutritious diet and spicy food.

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